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Gniezno. He criticized concreteosis, and the theater took the matter to court. He discontinued the proceedings

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A year ago, a councilor from Gniezno (Wielkopolska) on a concrete square in front of the Teatr im. Aleksander Fredro fried scrambled eggs. He called the pyramids built as part of the revitalization of this area financial, adding how much the reconstruction cost. This wording outraged the theater. The case ended up in court. And there the councilor triumphed.

“We won! The court discontinued the proceedings today, which means that it has not found any grounds to conduct the trial! The Fredro Theater in Gniezno has clearly overacted … There is power! We are breaking concrete!” – wrote Tomasz Dzionek on Thursday.

As he reported in an interview with tvn24.pl, the court discontinued the proceedings against him, pointing to Article 17, paragraph 1, subsection 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Proceedings shall not be initiated, and those initiated shall be discontinued when: 2) the act does not contain the characteristics of a prohibited act or the law provides that the perpetrator does not commit a crime;

“It’s something much stronger than proving not guilty.” The court simply did not see my behavior as a prohibited act – believes Dzionek.

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Unfortunately, the reasoning of the court in this case will not be known, it is classified. – It’s a pity, because it’s very interesting – says Dzionek.

When asked about the whole thing, he admits that he regrets that it happened at all. “It’s human nature to get annoyed and waste your time on things you shouldn’t be doing,” he comments. And he adds: – From the beginning, I wanted the square to be properly developed, there was more greenery, and the statue of Fredro returned. I hope that the theater will want to discuss this issue constructively.

Earlier, he emphasized that he did not really understand what the theater should be apologizing for. – It was just a pun and a meme. Not the first one I’ve made anyway. Earlier, I happened to make a photomontage of a caravan walking through this square, and on April Fool’s Day I wrote that the pyramids were entered on the UNESCO list – Dzionek explained.

We asked for a comment to the director of the Teatr im. Fredry in Gniezno, but so far we have not received a reply.

Before the case was heard by the court, the theater did not want to comment on the case, because the trial was to take place behind closed doors. When asked questions about this case, the director referred the media to the statement: “I kindly inform you that due to the content of Article 241. § 2 of the Criminal Code, the A. Fredro Theater in Gniezno is unable to respond to the above-mentioned inquiry today The Theater will provide detailed information on this matter as soon as it is legally permissible.

§ 1. Whoever, without permission, disseminates publicly news from the preparatory proceedings, before they have been disclosed in court proceedings, shall be subject to a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment of up to 2 years. non-disclosure.

At the same time, the theater posted a statement on Facebook regarding the matter. “We hereby explain that the information disseminated in the media about the suing of Mr. Tomasz Dzionek by the Aleksander Fredro Theater in Gniezno and that the court dispute between the indicated persons concerns freedom of speech or the scope of acceptable criticism. We would like to inform you that the Aleksander Fredro Theater in Gniezno, filed a private indictment against Mr. Tomasz Dzionek. Currently, due to the prohibition resulting from Article 241 paragraph 2 of the Penal Code, it is not possible to provide more extensive information.”

– For a person who is not familiar with the law, whether there is a lawsuit or a private indictment is irrelevant. I’m just saying that the case has been taken to court, Dzionek replied.

The ability to comment on a post with a statement has been restricted.

The meme with “financial pyramids” outraged the theater

The whole thing started in July 2022. “The square in front of the Fredro Theater in Gniezno is a Gniezno symbol of concrete disease” – wrote Tomasz Dzionek, a councilor from Gniezno on July 2, 2022, under a video in which he fried scrambled eggs on a metal, hot bench during the heat. As he said, the eggs set after 15 minutes.

– There was a lot of greenery there before the renovation. There were lawns, there were flowerbeds, there were trees above all – he told “Faktom” TVN at the time.

The square in front of the theater in 2017Google Street View

“It is a shame and a pity that for a lot of money the urban space popular among Gniezno residents was destroyed. To those who come up with such hopeless ideas and not only in Gniezno! We want greenery, trees, shade, water retention, unmowed grass!” he wrote.

Nine days later, he posted a post in which he informed that he had turned to Teatr im. Fredry in Gniezno with requests for clarification regarding e.g. a non-functioning fountain, lack of care for greenery, discounts and cleanliness in the square, which he is the administrator of.

“Due to the widespread negative opinion of residents about replacing an attractive and accessible square with greenery with a concrete square of low-quality aesthetics and finishing, unfriendly to residents and in no way encouraging to use, I called for actions aimed at: immediate tidying up, refreshing the square, renovation of elements that require repair, commissioning of devices that should have been in operation permanently for nearly 4 years and proper care of the remaining greenery, unpaving part of the square with concrete paving slabs, sowing grass there and planting trees in the amount of not less than 20 pcs., in order to increase the attractiveness of the square , ensuring the right amount of shade, greenery and moisture, transferring A. Fredro’s bust to a visible and dignified place, e.g. to the front of the main entrance to the Theatre” – we read in the entry.

In addition, he added a photo of the square in front of the theater with concrete pyramids with the caption “Financial pyramids for PLN 1,300,000.00”.

This wording outraged theater representatives. – I got a call to apologize and remove the post. And since I did not apologize, they took the case to court – said tvn24.pl Tomasz Dzionek.

The councilor was defended by the mayor of the city

The mayor of Gniezno himself, Tomasz Budasz, stood up for the councilor and posted a joint photo with the councilor with the caption “I support Tomek!”.

As he further explained, the appearance of the square is significantly different from the one that could be seen in the visualizations. “We got his poor version. A version that both the residents and me, to put it mildly, do not like very much. The square was also supposed to be teeming with artistic life. So far, apparently only a few events have taken place there. Anyone remember which ones? Additionally, on the square the statue of the patron of the theater, Aleksander Fredro, has not returned” – emphasized Budasz.

Main photo source: Facebook/Tomasz Dzionek

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