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Gniezno. The thief robbed the paralyzed Damian Julkowski, people rushed to help. Funds were collected for treatment with stem cells

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Someone stole the nuts that 24-year-old Damian Julkowski from Gniezno was collecting to have funds for rehabilitation. The thief deprived a man of several hours of classes. Moved viewers and Internet users decided to help. They supported Damian’s fundraiser for treatment with stem cells. The man admits: – It’s not quite getting to me yet.

In a generally accessible basement with one of the blocks in Gniezno, there were 25 bags with caps. They were waiting to be exported, but instead of being taken to a collection point, they ended up in the hands of thieves. Each bag contained approximately 15 kilograms of caps. Thanks to them, Damian Łukasz Julkowski, paralyzed for 10 years, had funds for expensive rehabilitation. He should use it every day, but as he says, he is entitled to less than two hours a week from the National Health Fund.


Plastic caps are collected not only by the 24-year-old’s relatives, but also by friends and residents of Gniezno. – Someone stole a dozen or so hours of rehabilitation from me while stealing these caps. It was an organized action, because to transport that amount you need a bus – said Damian.

Katarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros talked about how the 24-year-old from Gniezno was empty-handed in her material in “Faktach poidou”, on TVN24. Our viewers did not remain passive. Immediately after the material was broadcast to the Kontakt24 mailbox, messages began to flow asking: how can you help Damian in his fight for recovery? There are two options: fundraising for stem cell treatment and further collection of nuts.

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Almost PLN 25,000 from one of the Internet users

Many people moved by the 24-year-old’s fight decided to support him fundraising for treatment with stem cells. The man heard about this method a few years ago, but at that time it was still in the research phase. – I got a qualification from the clinic in Częstochowa. They even give me a chance to regain full fitness. The entire therapy is 10 applications of stem cells. They are to regenerate the core with adhesions and scars – said Damian.

The total cost of such therapy is PLN 150,000. The boy started treatment, but to continue it, he still needed tens of thousands of zlotys. After the theft was publicized, an avalanche of payments and warm words started. “Good luck, go for a better life, boyfriend”, “lots of strength, you are brave” – ​​Internet users write.

Greg, one of the donors, made a one-off payment of almost PLN 25,000. He also wrote a comment: Have faith that it will be okay.

“Thank you very much for all your help”TVN24

“It’s not quite getting to me yet”

– Today is unimaginable happiness. I do not know what to say. I did not expect such a turn of matters that people would unite so much and integrate around the fundraiser that we have been running for two years. I am not fully aware of what happened. I want to thank all those who helped me – said Damian on Thursday.

– Today is a lucky day for us. For two years of the collection, 75,000 zlotys were collected, and now that much was collected in one day. We will be able to continue the interrupted treatment from October – adds Elżbieta Julkowska, Damian’s mother.

The bags with the caps were stolen from the basementTVN24

According to the portal siepomaga.pl, the collection remains open, and Damian will be able to use any surpluses as funds for rehabilitation.

The nuts are still collecting

Damian and the inhabitants of Gniezno continue collecting caps. If someone else wants to help the 24-year-old, they can also do it this way. They can be left at Adam Jaworski’s at 32 Zabłocki Street in Gniezno or at the Planeta Urody hairdressing salon at ul. Słomianka 2/1. The caps can also be thrown into a special heart in front of primary school No. 10 in Gniezno.

The police from Gniezno explain the circumstances of the theft of caps. It is known that they have disappeared from the basement of a block of flats at Zabłockiego Street in Gniezno within the last seven days. The police are still looking for the thief.

TVN24, Facts in the afternoon

Main photo source: TVN24

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