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goal. Paid verification of Facebook and Instagram accounts introduced in the form of a subscription

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Facebook and Instagram users will be able to subscribe to a tag confirming the authenticity of their profiles, announced Meta, which manages these social platforms. Residents of Australia and New Zealand will be the first to take advantage of this, but the service of verifying the authenticity of the account is to be expanded to other countries.

A monthly subscription to Meta Verified – because that’s what the new service will be called – will cost $ 11.99 in the browser version and $ 14.99 in applications available on iOS. The first users will be able to use it this week Australia and New Zealand. Later, the service will also be available in other countries.

“This week we’re launching Meta Verified, a subscription service that will allow you to verify your account with your ID, get a blue badge, get extra protection from accounts impersonating you, and get direct access to customer support,” Meta’s CEO wrote. Mark Zuckerberg informing about the introduction of a new service. As he added, such a move by the company is aimed at increasing security and authenticity in applications.

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Verification of Facebook and Instagram accounts

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The company informed that users who want to purchase the service must meet two conditions: the name of their account must coincide with their name and surname, and the owner’s face must be visible in the profile picture. You will also need to present your ID card for verification. The service will be available only to users over 18 years of age.

Accounts will be marked with a blue badge, which already distinguishes some users. So far, however, the markings concerned only “authentic and noteworthy” profiles, i.e. – in practice – belonging to famous people. Now every user can buy the service. In an interview with the BBC, a Meta representative said that owners of accounts already marked as authentic do not need to additionally purchase the service.

Facebook blue badge

In November 2022, after the official takeover by Elon Musk Twitter introduced a similar paid service. After only a few weeks, however, it was withdrawn, as many falsely “verified” accounts quickly appeared on the platform. In December, the service was resumed, only with slightly changed rules.

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Meta, Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg, BBC

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