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Godzikowice. Someone tied dogs to a tree. He left a layette and a letter next to it

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Two dogs – Filip and Maja – were tied to a tree in the village of Godzikowice in Lower Silesia. Someone left a layette for pets. There was also a letter. An unknown author explains in it why he abandoned animals.

On Friday after 11 a.m., an inhabitant of the village of Godzikowice noticed two dogs tied to a tree in the local square. The woman notified the municipal guard. Soon after, the guards received another call from the same reporter.

– The lady informed us that the dogs were already on her property. They broke off the leash and went to her to the fence. She let them in so they wouldn’t run away. We asked the women if they knew the dogs, if they knew they belonged to them, but she had never seen them before. We sent a dog catcher to the place, who went there on behalf of the commune and took the animals to the shelter – says Stanisław Beśka, acting commander of the Commune Guard in Oława.


The letter on the layette

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Adam Polit from Przytulisko dla Animals in Zakrzów went to the intervention. He found the entire layette there – blankets, two lairs, a bowl of water and a five-kilogram sack of food. But the dogs were gone. Mr. Adam did not know yet that they freed themselves.

Filip and Maja will be put up for adoptionAdam Polit

– A woman living nearby called me that the dogs are with her. She said that she first saw them tied, and not long after that they were running loose. There was a busy road nearby, there were a lot of cars. It posed a danger to animals and drivers. The dogs were on leashes tied to a rag wrapped around a tree. I suspect that the male, the black one, bit his leash first, and then the female, says Polit.

After Mr. Adam moved the dogs to his car, he returned for the layette left by the tree to which they were tied. When he grabbed the bag of feed, it turned out that someone had left a letter in the handle hole. The author explained that the owner of Filip and Maja – 2.5-year-old siblings – had died, and he himself was too old and had no conditions to adopt orphans.

“They have all vaccinations. Castration and sterilization. Very well-organized, non-aggressive, very neat” – we read in the news.

Such a letter was attached to a food packageAdam Polit

Dogs are recommended for adoption

– The dogs are very polite indeed. Very gentle and trusting towards people. They live great together. They are practically ready for adoption, it would be a pity to separate them – admits Polit.

“Someone must have gone to great lengths to leave the dogs with all this equipment in the center of the village.” He wanted them noticed. This was the first time I encountered something like this. After all, it was possible to notify the municipal guard, they would take up the matter. You don’t have to leave the dogs in such a place right away – adds the man.

The author of the letter did not sign. It can be very difficult to find him. Both dogs are not chipped. Currently, they are staying in the animal shelter in Zakrzów. If no one reports for them within 2-3 weeks, they will be transferred to the shelter in Świdnica.

Dogs are staying in the shelter temporarilyAdam Polit

Main photo source: Adam Polit

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