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Goławice First. A dead moose lies on the road for the second day

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On Monday morning, residents noticed a dead moose on the road in Goławice Trzeci. The animal was probably injured when it tried to jump over the fence. Foresters were first informed about the matter, but they decided that the commune should take care of the moose. – We are waiting and no one is doing anything about it – say the residents.

The moose was found near recreational plots, several meters from the asphalt road. – It happened around 2 a.m. between Sunday and Monday, when the neighbor heard a bang. In the morning, the neighbors notified the forest district. Foresters came and prepared a report, but said they would not do anything because it was not a forest road, but a municipal road. So they notified the commune, and so did we. And the moose has been lying there since Monday and no one is doing anything about it – Mrs. Zofia tells us.

They heard from officials that they had 48 hours to remove the dead animal

Residents called the commune office and the sanitary inspectorate. According to Mrs. Zofia, they heard from officials that they had 48 hours to remove the dead animal. Sanitary and Epidemiological Station employees, in turn, allegedly stated that “they deal with people, not animals” – It's hot and no one seems to care about the dangers. There are recreational plots nearby, children go there – the woman tells us.

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It is not known exactly what happened. According to Mrs. Zofia, the moose was either hit by a car or impaled itself on a fence, which resulted in it bleeding to death.

The moose probably tried to jump over the fence

On Tuesday morning, 24 hours passed since the notification. According to officials' announcements, the moose should be taken away on Wednesday morning. – We are waiting and we are afraid because it is hot – said our interlocutor.

What do the regulations say about this? According to the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in communes, a dead animal should be removed from the road by its manager – in this case, the commune (Art. 3. 1. “Maintaining cleanliness and order in communes is one of the obligatory own tasks of the commune” – ed.). The office is to notify the owner of the plot where the animal was found in advance. However, the act does not contain any provisions specifying exactly how much time officials have for this.

Main photo source: Zofia Zielińska

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