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Goldap. The councilor, who was supposed to be arrested for 15 days, was released. The family paid the outstanding fine

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A city councilor from Gołdap (Warmińsko-Mazurskie), who has been in custody since Tuesday, has been released. He reported that his sister had repaid the outstanding fine for not complying with the 2018 election campaign sentence and had not apologized to the local government official he had accused of stealing. “Arrest is a terrible place, but this experience will not deter me from revealing what is wrong,” said the councilor.

A city councilor from Gołdap (he does not want to disclose personal data – ed.), From Tuesday, he was in prison in Suwałki for failure to pay 7.5 thousand zlotys of a fine awarded to him in the election process in 2018. In total, he was to stay in the cell for 15 days.

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On Friday, unexpectedly, he was released. – The sister paid the part of the fine that I did not pay – he said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency. He admitted that the arrest was a painful experience for him.

He explained that it was not this that prompted his relatives to pay the rest of the fine, but the court hearing scheduled for Monday with the current mayor of Gołdap. This case is not related to the one for which the councilor was arrested. – I want to be there in person – said the councilor who regularly notifies law enforcement agencies about irregularities in the local government of Gołdap.

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The man announced that “the difficult experience of the detention did not discourage him from revealing the irregularities that occurred in Gołdap.” He announced that he would submit further notifications to the prosecutor’s office in the near future.


Accusations of stealing heat from municipal networks

In 2018, during the local government election campaign, a councilor from Gołdap accused Wojciech Hołdyński, who was then candidate for the position of mayor (current chairman of the Gołdap City Council), of stealing heat from the municipal network. Hołdyński brought the case against the councilor in the election procedure and won it – the court ordered an apology from Hołdyński. As the councilor did not apologize, the court fined the councilor with a fine for failure to comply with the sentence. When the fine increased to PLN 7.5 thousand, it was exchanged for the councilor for 15 days in arrest (one day is PLN 500 – ed.).

The fee for food for the councilor in the custody, PLN 1.4 thousand, was covered by Hołdyński. The Prison Service had previously informed that the debtor was obliged to cover the costs of food for the debtor in custody, in accordance with the provisions of the law. When Hołdyński spoke to PAP on Tuesday, he admitted that he did not intend to give up the apology.

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