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Golden Lions 2021. Winners of the 46th Gdynia Film Festival. “All Our Fears” is the best film

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Golden Lions at the 46th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia were awarded. The award went to the authors of the film “All our fears”. The Silver Lions was awarded to Jan P. Matuszyński’s film “Let there be no traces”.

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The great winner of the 46th Polish Film Festival was Łukasz Ronduda and Łukasz Gutt’s film “All our fears”. The film focuses on the figure of Daniel, whose prototype is the graphic designer and visual artist Dr. Daniel Rycharski. In his work, he focuses on contemporary Polish countryside and its identity. It works in cooperation with the community of its native village of Kurówka. In his work, he touches upon the attitude of the Catholic Church towards non-heteronormative people. Dawid Ogrodnik appeared in the main role of “All our fears”. –

Still from “All our fears”photo: Jarosław Sosiński / FPFF

The Silver Lions found their way into the hands of the makers of the film “Lest there be traces”, the director of which he is Jan P. Matuszyński.

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Gdynia Film Festival 2021. List of winners

Golden Lions – “All our fears” dir. Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt
Silver Lions – “Let there be no traces” dir. Jan P. Matuszyński
Direction – Łukasz Grzegorzek “My wonderful life”
Main Male Role – Jacek Beler “Other People” (dir. Aleksandra Terpińska)
Main Female Role – Maria Dębska “Because there is sex in me” (dir. Katarzyna Klimkiewicz)
Scenario – Marcin Ciastoń “Hyacinth” (dir. Piotr Domalewski)
Photos – Łukasz Gutt “All our fears” (dir. Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt)
Music – Teoniki Rożynek “Prime Time” (dir. Jakub Piątek)
Supporting Female Role – Sławomira Łozińska “The Tenant” (dir. Michał Otłowski)
Golden Claw in the Other Views category – “Mosquito State” Filip Jan Rymsza
Installation – Magdalena Chowanska “Other People” (dir. Aleksandra Terpińska)
Sound – Zofia Morus, Mateusz Adamczyk, Sebastian Witkowski “Mosquito State” (dir. Filip Jan Rymsza)
Scenography – Paweł Jarzębski “Let there be no traces” (dir. Jan P. Matuszyński)
Costumes – Marta Ostrowicz “Najmro. He loves, steals, respects” (dir. Mateusz Rakowicz)
Makeup – Daria Siejak “Hyacynt” (dir. Piotr Domalewski)
Professional Acting Debut – Michał Sikorski for his role in “Sonata” (dir. Bartosz Blaschke)
Directing Debut – “Other people” dir. Aleksandra Terpińska
Platinum Lions – Agnieszka Holland
Audience Award – “Sonata” dir. Bartosz Blaschke
Best Short Film “My brother the fisherman” dir. Alicja Sokół
Best Microbudget Film “Piosenki o miłość” dir. Tomasz Habowski

Main photo source: photo: Jarosław Sosiński / FPFF

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