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Golinka. Hives have been stolen. The charges were heard by the 52-year-old, he claims that he took the bees out of concern

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Police officers determined who was responsible for the theft of seven hives from an apiary in Golinka (Greater Poland Voivodeship). The charges in this case were heard by the 52-year-old. The suspect stated that he “took the bees and hives because he thought he would take better care of them”.

On October 18, the policemen from Rawicz received a notification of the theft of seven hives. The incident took place in Golinka. A total of seven hives, including four inhabited by bees, have disappeared from the apiary there. According to the police, according to the owner, the thief chose the most valuable hives. In the apiary, there were many hives made by the beekeeper, but those that had been bought earlier were stolen. The losses were estimated at over four thousand zlotys.


The bees and hives returned to the ownerKPP Rawicz

He claimed that the bees would be better off

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The officers discovered the thief, who turned out to be a 52-year-old man. The suspect – on a daily basis abroad – took the stolen beehives to the Włoszakowice commune, where he stayed during his visits to Poland.

On Friday, the man was detained. – The man explained that he had taken the bees and hives from the apiary, because he thought that he would take better care of them – informed the asp. staff. Beata Jarczewska, spokeswoman for the Rawicz police.

The 52-year-old had not been convicted before, but now he has been charged with theft. He faces up to five years in prison. The bee families with the hives returned to the owner.

Main photo source: KPP Rawicz

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