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Golkow. The driver fatally hit the cyclist and fled

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At night in Gołków, the driver hit two cyclists and left the scene. One of the men did not survive. Police arrested the driver who may be involved in the case. He was reportedly intoxicated.

The incident took place on Friday after 11 pm, on Gołkowska Street in Gołków, located in the Piaseczno district. – Two cyclists were hit. One of them was unconscious. Despite an hour of resuscitation, paramedics pronounced him dead. The perpetrator was moving in a passenger car, Artur Węgrzynowicz, a reporter for tvnwarszawa.pl, found out.

The police were on site. “Preliminary information shows that the driver hit the cyclists and left the scene. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old died, the 27-year-old was not seriously injured – said Małgorzata Wersocka from the Capital Police Headquarters. On the spot, the policemen performed activities under the supervision of the prosecutor.

Police: they found an Audi, the driver was intoxicated

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– As a result of the penetration, the police revealed an Audi vehicle. As it turned out, the driver was intoxicated. Due to his condition, it was not possible to check his sobriety on the spot, so blood was taken for testing. The driver was detained, Wersocka informed.

She added that actions will be taken with the detained man after sobering up. The officers will determine the exact course of the incident and whether it led to the accident.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz/tvnwarszawa.pl

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