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Good. A young, healthy European bison shot. Another such case

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Naturalists discovered the carcass of another European bison, which fell victim to man. He has obvious gunshot wounds, and one of them pierced the windpipe, causing the animal to die in agony. This is the fifth similar case of death of this protected species in recent months in Western Pomerania.

A shot bison was found in the Dobrzany Forest District (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). This is the area of ​​the Rogacz Stargard Hunting Club (hunting district 187, ZO PZŁ Szczecin).

– This is the fifth case in the last five months – informed the West Pomeranian Natural Society “Dzika Zagroda”, which is a non-governmental organization dealing with the protection of wild animals and plants and their habitats.

Lungs full of blood

“When will the black series for protected species end?!” – representatives of Dzika Zagroda ask in social media.

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Naturalists received information about finding a dead bison on Sunday evening. After initial examination, gunshot wounds were found on the animal’s neck – on the left and right sides (entry and exit wounds).

– Such a shot causes a huge amount of blood to flow into the trachea and the animal simply has full lungs. He suffocated with his own blood, Maciej Tracz from the West Pomeranian Natural Society told the media.

According to the naturalists, it was a healthy male in very good condition, he was about six years old. – Exactly in the same hunting district, a bison was killed in a very similar way in October last year. These places are only 500 meters apart – added Tracz.

Another bison shot in ZachodniopomorskieZTP Wild Farm

The forest is like a shooting range

This is the fifth case of shooting a bison in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship in the last five months. At the end of October, a participant in the so-called foreign exchange hunting shot near Czaplinek bison who is a nursing mother. He explained that he did it in self-defense.

In mid-October, another European bison was shot while hunting in the Drawsko military training area near Pomierzyn. Most likely the same day on the same hunt, a second bison was killed by bullets. The dead animal lay 400 meters away. It was found a day later. Two adult females from the same herd were killed by bullets.

One of the hunters confessed to killing the first bison. He explained that he thought he was shooting a wild boar.

In turn, in September near Myślibórz, someone shot a 12-year-old female. Naturalists suspect that it was a poacher. In June 2022, another bison died after colliding with a car northeast of Ińsk.

Not only bison are dying

According to the latest data of the West Pomeranian Wildlife Society “Dzika Zagroda”, the population of bison in herds managed by naturalists in north-western Poland is 349 individuals.

In recent months Several lynxes also became victims of shootings – another endangered species in Polish forests. Recently, also found in Zachodniopomorskie two shot wolves.

Main photo source: ZTP Wild Farm

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