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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Google is introducing mandatory two-step verification

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For the safety of its users, Google decided to introduce two-step verification. This is to help limit the possibility of breaking into someone’s account and, consequently, gaining access to confidential data.

Google wants to take more care of the security of users using their services and is gradually introducing mandatory two-step verification. The new login rules will affect over 150 million people. The changes are to protect Google customers from hacking into their accounts and data leakage.

Two-step verification on Google – how it will work

Google users will receive an email informing them when two-step verification will be enabled on their account. However, if we want our data to be better protected now, we can enable this option ourselves. How to do it?

First, we have to go on a special bookmark of the Google website and select the smartphone on which we will receive notifications regarding double verification (it must be connected to the same Google account). An alternative may be to receive SMSs or voice calls, thanks to which we will be provided with the codes and security keys needed for verification.

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After the first confirmation of identity, the user will be asked to select an alternative form of verification (backup). If the user decides to verify via SMS, it will be necessary to assign a special code to his account, which will be sent to him during configuration.

Two-step verification – what is it?

Two-step verification (in short 2FA) is about securing your account with more than a standard password. One of the most common ways to do this is to confirm your identity by entering the code sent in an SMS. The biometric method is also often used, i.e. verification by the application recognizing the unique physical characteristics of the user. The purpose of two-factor authentication is to make it as difficult as possible to access our account.

This method of verifying our identity should be used especially where we store files and data that are important to us – for example in your Apple account or when logging in to Facebook. In the social networking site, two-factor authentication can be configured in Security and Login Settings menu.

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