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Google. The technological giant sued – TVN24 Biznes

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Google has been sued by an Internet media representative, the BBC reports. The claim includes £3.4 billion in damages for lost advertising revenue. This is another similar lawsuit against the giant.

According to the BBC, the lawsuit was filed by the former editor of the Guardian’s technology section, Charles Arthur. He accuses Google of unlawfully exploiting its dominant position in the online advertising market, which was to be done at the expense of online publishers. Google disagrees with these claims and intends to defend its position in court.

A second such encounter

This is Google’s second similar court battle. Claudio Pollack, former director of Ofcom’s regulatory authority, filed a lawsuit against the giant in November. Also here, the claims include the payment of compensation for, according to Pollack, an unfair advertising policy. However, the compensation would be much higher and amount to 13.6 billion pounds.

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The cases concern the algorithms used by Google, which decide in a fraction of a second what ads consumers will see and how much publishers will earn.

Display advertising, i.e. containing banners with graphic and text elements encouraging to visit the sender’s website, is the main source of income for many websites.


In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, Charles Arthur says that due to Google’s abuse of its position in the market, the prices of so-called adtech services have been inflated and publishers’ advertising revenues have been significantly reduced.

Google’s dominance in the online advertising market is also of interest to the British regulator Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Arthur also addressed this. “The CMA is currently conducting an antitrust investigation into Google’s advertising policy. However, the Office does not have the authority to oblige Google to pay compensation. We can only get what we deserve through the courts, which is why I am filing this lawsuit” – he explained.

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