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Google will delete old accounts. Which ones will be considered inactive?

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In early December, Google will start deleting some accounts. The operation will concern unused accounts, i.e. those on which no activity has been recorded for over two years. Accounts whose owners have only used them once will disappear first. The move is intended to make potential attacks by hackers more difficult.

As CNN explains, since August, Google has been informing by e-mail about the planned deletion of their owners’ accounts. The removal itself is to be divided into two stages. In the first case, Google will delete accounts whose owners have never logged in to them again after they were created. In the second stage, accounts that have not recorded any traffic for over two years will be deleted. So if the account holder does not want to lose it, he should simply use it. On its website, the technology giant specifies that each new login, as well as each action taken on the account, e.g. sending a message, is considered an activity.

Google emphasizes that under the new policy, all content will be deleted from inactive accounts, not only messages in the Gmail inbox, but also documents and photos saved on Google Drive.

Already in May this year, in a statement, the company emphasized that the main goal is to improve user safety. Internal company findings show that older accounts are often secured with previously used passwords, and their owners are less likely to use security tools, e.g. two-step verification. As a result, older profiles are said to be more susceptible to activities such as phishing, hacking and spam. “We want to protect your private information and prevent unauthorized access to your account, even if you no longer use our services,” the American company’s website emphasizes.

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The process of deleting inactive accounts will begin on December 1, i.e. this Friday.

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Expert on Google deleting some accounts

CNN quotes Oren Koren, co-founder and CEO of the Israeli cybersecurity company Veriti, who believes that deleting inactive accounts is a key step to minimizing the risk of hacker attacks. Koren explains that after these accounts disappear, the hackers using them will have to create new ones. Now, however, it will not be as easy as many years ago, because creating a profile now requires verification using a phone number. In addition, old data, potentially at risk of leaks, will be deleted along with the accounts.

– By deleting these accounts, Google effectively reduces the area that cybercriminals could attack. This action by Google is part of a broader trend in cybersecurity: taking preventive steps to strengthen a company’s overall digital security, Koren concludes.

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