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Google. Year 2022 in the search engine in Poland

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If you were to ask Poles about the most important events of the passing year, there is no doubt that the answers would be dominated by the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis or high prices. This can also be seen from what we type in the most popular internet search engine. Google has just presented a list of the most popular searches in 2022 in Poland. Some may surprise you.

Nobody doubted that it was war in Ukraine dominated the ending year in the most popular internet search engine. According to Google, among the top 10 trends that are gaining popularity the fastest, as many as five are directly related to events beyond our eastern border. Two more are related to the energy crisis – the Polish Mining Group and the coal supplement. An important event for search engine users was also death of the vocalist known from the Vox group – Witold Paszt.

Google 2022 trends in Poland – the fastest growing in popularity:

The fastest growing in popularity:
1. Ukraine
2. Putin 3. War in Ukraine 4. PGG 5. Russia
6. Ruble exchange rate 7. Shield allowance 8. Witold Paszt 9. How I fell in love with a gangster 10. PIT2

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War is also reflected in the most searched people, although here the second place may be a surprise. Just like in the world, the stellar “process of the decade” has left its mark on trends Judgment in the case of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard. The youngest in the top 10 is barely there 14-year-old Sara James, a talented Polish singerwhich conquered the USA by advancing to the finals of “America’s Got Talent”.

1. Vladimir Putin
2. Rafalala 3. Volodymyr Zełenski 4. Lanberry 5. Amber Heard 6. Mata 7. Jerzy Stuhr 8. Sara James 9. Will Smith 10. Simon Leviev

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Trends 2022 in Poland – where, how, when, who…

The questions asked by Poles to the Google browser are interesting. For example “where”. Although they often concern practical advice – regarding energy or Covid-19 – less obvious issues, such as … the hearing organ of a grasshopper, have also turned out to be popular.

1. Where to apply for a shielding allowance 2. Where are these children poster 3. Where to buy a covid test 4. Where the military starts 5. Where to buy coal 6. Where is Qatar 7. Where to buy potassium iodide 8. Where will Elżbieta be buried II 9. Where the grasshopper has a hearing organ 10. Where to call when there is no electricity

In case of a question “how” very mundane themes prevail, although there were some cosmic exceptions.

1. How to help Ukraine 2. How to dry mushrooms in the oven 3. How to check if a TV has DVB-T2 4. How to freeze mushrooms 5. How to fill in an application for a shielding supplement 6. What did the moon look like on your birthday 7. How to buy coal on PGG 8. How to cook broad beans 9. How to get rid of fruit flies 10. How to confess

Among the questions “when” much has already lost its relevance, but the answer to some, as for Ukraine, we would like to know now.

1. When they remove TikTok 2. When no masks 3. When the war in Ukraine ends 4. When remote 5. When Iga Świątek plays 6. When the second millennium has begun 7. When Stranger Things 4 8. When iOS 16 9. When credit holidays 10. When is the payment of the carbon allowance

Among the frequently asked questions of the browser was also found “who is this“, which in another version can be read “who is he”. So who did we ask last year? Again, there are many references to warfare.

Who is this:
1. Who is a behaviorist 2. Who is an oligarch 3. Who is a separatist 4. Who is a probant 5. Who is a pariah 6. Who is the mayor 7. Who is a deserter 8. Who is a saboteur 9. Who is a boomer 10. Who is anonymous

Trends 2022 in Poland – prices, crisis – the most popular searches

Google also summarized which crises Poles asked most often this year. The top three is not surprising, but the fourth place may be surprising at first glance. However, “Early Crisis” is the title of the Kacperczyk brothers’ album searched for on the web.

1. Energy crisis
2. Economic crisis 3. Humanitarian crisis 4. Early life crisis 5. Crisis in Russia 6. Existential crisis 7. Opioid crisis 8. Border crisis 9. 2008 crisis 10. Suez crisis

And since we’re on the subject of crises, questions about prices are also important. Here, too, the first place is a direct result of Putin’s Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

How much does it cost:
1. How much is the ruble? 2. How much does a covid test at a pharmacy cost? 3. How much does a passport cost? 4. How much does the Fame MMA 14 PPV cost? 5. How much does a barrel of oil cost? 6. How much does sugar cost? 7. How much does a tank cost? 8. How much is the hryvnia? 9. How much does a ton of coal cost? 10. How much does fuel cost?

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Trends 2022 in Poland – culture and entertainment in the Google search engine

Google also summarized the most popular searches in categories related to broadly understood entertainment and culture. They are opened by the most searched movies. The top 10 included: “How I fell in love with a gangster?”, “Furioza”, “Tinder Cheater”, “Gierek”, “Batman”“Top Gun: Maverick”, “Terrier 2”, “Uncharted”, “Purple Hearts” and “End of the World or Kogel Mogel 4”.

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Poles also searched the web for information about concerts. Which ones most often? The list begins Concert for Ukraine, then there are concerts by Dawid Podsiadło, Ed Sheeran, Guns’n’Roses, Sanah, Genzie, Coldplay, Backstreet Boys, Quebonafide, or Depeche Mode.

The most popular series in the search are: “Dahmer – The Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer”, “Big Water”, “Sandman”, “Wounded Birds”, “Stranger Things 4”, “Green Glove Gang”, “The Watcher”, “Who is Anna ?”, “Behaviourist”, “Heartstopper”.

Trends 2022 in Poland – changes, changes, changes…

The last (alphabetically) category presented by Google is “changes”. While the first and second places were to be expected, the variety is really big here. Here are the top 10 changes of 2022 on the Polish Internet.

1. Changes in Polish Lada
2. Quarantine Changes 3. Changes in the carbon additive
4. Changes in photovoltaics 5. Changes in home education 6. Significant changes in the construction project 7. Changes in transport in Wrocław 8. Changes in sea level 9. Changes in the Champions League 10. Changes in the rules of entry to Germany

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