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Góra Kalwaria. He was swaying, babbling, trying to drive away. He was detained by witnesses

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A citizen’s arrest of a drunk driver took place in Góra Kalwaria. The 27-year-old had over three per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air.

According to Magdalena Gąsowska from the District Police Headquarters in Piaseczno, monitoring cameras of one of the stations in Góra Kalwaria recorded the extremely irresponsible behavior of a 27-year-old who decided to hit the road with more than three per mille of alcohol in his body.

Random drivers reacted

The recording shows that the man can barely stand, staggers, but stubbornly tries to get into his Fiat Punto. Random drivers reacted immediately and did not allow the drunk driver to get behind the wheel. A moment later, a police patrol arrived at the station and took the drunk man to a police car.

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– The proper, quick and decisive reaction of the witnesses led to the arrest of an inebriated man who had difficulty maintaining his balance, was swaying and babbling – described the policewoman.

She added that the drunk driver would soon answer for his actions in court. – She will definitely lose her driving license for many years – she emphasized. – People who decide to get behind the wheel while under the influence show a lack of common sense and are playing with death. There is no place on our roads for such drivers. Let us remember that a drunk driver poses a deadly threat not only to himself, but above all to other road users – concluded Gąsowska.

Main photo source: KPP Piaseczno

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