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Gora Kalwaria, Warsaw. A police chase through four districts of Warsaw

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At night near Góra Kalwaria, a 39-year-old together with a 22-year-old stole a catalyst from Renault. When the man saw the policemen, he ran away. The pursuit through the district of Piaseczno and four Warsaw districts – Ursynów, Mokotów, Śródmieście, Ochota – was led by several police crews.

The incident happened on Sunday. – Police officers from the Property Crimes Department of the Praga Południe police station have been conducting extensive operational work for a long time regarding a man who was supposed to deal with catalytic thefts. The officers collected information, which they verified on an ongoing basis, and made a lot of their own findings. They also conducted observations, said the spokeswoman of the Warsaw VII District Police Headquarters, Joanna Węgrzyniak.

– One such sighting was made by officers late Sunday evening. During it, it turned out that a man and a woman had stolen a catalyst from Renault Master in the vicinity of Góra Kalwaria, the policewoman said.

It caused a collision

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Seeing this, the officers intervened. “The woman was arrested on the spot, while the man fled the scene in his car,” she said.

The man started to run away from the policemen in the direction of Warsaw. Several police crews took part in the chase. – A man on the way had a collision because he hit a road sign. The pursuit of him ended near the Warszawa Zachodnia station, where he abandoned his car and began to flee on foot, she reported.

He hid in the bushes

– One of the crews from the Intelligence and Patrol Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, taking part in the pursuit, detained a man who hid from the officers in the Five Sisters Park, in the bushes – she noted. In total, police officers conducted a pursuit in the Piaseczno district, through Ursynów, Mokotów, Śródmieście and Ochota.

Both detainees are at the disposal of KRP Warszawa VII. – At the moment, evidence is being collected, because we have more events like the one in Góra Kalwaria – added subinsp. Joanna Wegrzyniak.

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Chase along the roads of the Piaseczno poviat KSP

Main photo source: KRP VII

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