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Goran Bregović not allowed to enter Moldova. The head of Serbian diplomacy demands an explanation

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Composer Goran Bregovic, who landed at Chisinau airport on Sunday, was refused entry to Moldova. The musician was supposed to take part in a festival organized in the capital of the country. Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic demanded an explanation of the case, the Tanjug news agency reported.

“My dear Moldovan friends! I am very sorry that I cannot perform at the Gustar Music Festival today. We were very disappointed when we were not allowed to Moldova at the airport in Chisinau without an official explanation,” Bregović wrote in a statement published on Saturday on the Instagram of the organizer of the event.

“We travel with musicians all over Europe and have never had any problems anywhere. I love your country and I enjoy every opportunity to perform in Moldova. I really regret that this time I was denied such a performance,” he added.

The Serbian authorities demand an explanation

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The head of Serbian diplomacy demanded that the Moldovan Foreign Ministry explain the decision not to allow the world-famous composer to enter the country.

“Such a decision is completely at odds with traditionally good relations Serbia and Moldova,” Dachic said.

Goran Bregovic CC BY SA Wikipedia | thesupermat

A famous musician in the shadow of criticism

In 2021, Bregović faced criticism directed at him from the citizens of Kosovo, after which, during a concert in Albania a tear gas bottle was thrown in his direction. Albanians living in Kosovo accused him of “inspiring massacres (made by the Serbian side – ed.) in their country” and being “the idol of Serbia’s criminal army during the Balkan wars of the 1990s”. Serbian media reminded that in February the Moldovan authorities banned Belgrade’s Partizan fans from entering the country. President Maya Sandu she had accused earlier Russia about planning a coup in her country with the help of, among others, Serbs, Montenegrins and Belarusians. The Serbian authorities then criticized the statement and appealed to provide them with all evidence in this case.

Main photo source: CC BY SA Wikipedia | thesupermat

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