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Gordon Black – US soldier detained in Russia. What is known

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A few months before his arrest in Russia, American soldier Gordon Black, who was in South Korea at the time, made a video call to his six-year-old daughter living in Texas. The girl and her mother accidentally witnessed a brutal fight between Black and his Russian partner – writes Reuters.

Detained in early May in Vladivostok American soldier, 36-year-old Staff Sergeant Gordon Black a few months earlier he was in South Korea, where he was temporarily stationed.

Reuters described a video call that the man allegedly had with his daughter, who was in Texas. The girl's mother – Black's wife – was also supposed to participate in the conversation. The woman reported that at some point during the call, a fight broke out between Black and his Russian partner. As she claimed, it started with screams that turned into fistfights. The Russian woman allegedly scratched the man's face and then pulled out a knife.

GordonBlack. Photo before arrest in Russia [2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

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– She stabbed him – Megan Black said in an interview with the agency. She added that her husband “had blood on his face.” The woman said her daughter, who witnessed the whole situation, was “distraught”.

Reuters was unable to contact Black. The agency emphasized that the US military did not respond to its request for comment on this matter.

American soldier detained in Russia

Gordon Black was arrested in Vladivostok, Russia, on May 2. Initially, US Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith announced that he had been detained on suspicion of committing a crime, without specifying what he was accused of. Russian media reported that it was about “robbing a woman”.

American soldier detained in Vladivostok[2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the US military provided more information about the soldier. The military man was stationed in South Korea and was scheduled to return to Fort Cavazos, Texas, to resume his new duties.

Instead of returning to the continental United States, Black flew from Incheon, Korea, via China to Vladivostok, Russia, for personal reasons, she explained. She added that the man did not have permission from the Department of Defense to visit the country and there was no indication he planned to stay there.

An appeal to the Russian authorities

The purpose of the American non-commissioned officer's trip to Vladivostok was informed by his mother in an interview with CBS News, who stated that he had gone there to visit his girlfriend.

– Please don't torture or hurt him, the woman said, appealing to the Russian authorities. The court in Vladivostok decided that the soldier would remain in pre-trial detention at least until July 2.

According to the Russian Telegram channel Baza, the American soldier met his Russian partner several years ago in South Korea. The woman had recently arrived in Russia and Black came to Vladivostok to visit her. After about two weeks, they argued. The Russian woman reported that the soldier beat her and stole 200,000 rubles and alcohol from her.

“Purely domestic” crime

The representative office of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladivostok told the TASS news agency that the detention of the American army soldier was not related to espionage or politics.

“As far as we know, this is a purely domestic crime. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vladivostok does not closely monitor the fate of the American citizen,” the statement said.

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Reuters, RTVI, TASS, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: [2023 Cable News Network All Rights Reserved]

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