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Górowo Iławeckie, Cultural Center. The ceiling collapsed onto the audience. “Just before, there were about a hundred people there”

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In the Cultural Center in Górowo Iławeckie (warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship), the ceiling of the auditorium collapsed. The construction – as you can see in the photos that went online – crushed, among other things, the audience chairs. – The audience left ten minutes early. There were about a hundred people there, including children. Heavy plasterboards with a frame and electrical installation fell onto the audience – reports an Internet user who informed us about the incident via Kontakt 24.

The incident happened on Sunday around 3 pm. According to our viewer, a tragedy almost happened. According to his account, a moment before the ceiling collapsed, a performance prepared by an amateur theater group was played on the stage. About 100 people, including children, were to sit in the audience at that time. A section of the ceiling collapsed, Reporter 24 reported, about ten minutes after the hall had emptied.

– Heavy cardboard-gypsum boards with a frame and electrical installation fell on the audience – he informs.

Photos of the scene of the incident appeared in the local media. It shows that the ceiling collapsed on the audience’s chairs. Under the photo there are numerous comments from people who emphasize that the recently installed ceiling collapsed.

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The ceiling collapsed onto the audienceCultural Center in Górowo Iławeckie/Bartsat.pl

On Friday, a series of events related to the opening of the cultural center after a general renovation began.

Entry on the profile of “Kurier Górowski”Facebook

“This is not a construction disaster”

We failed to reach the management of the Cultural Center in Górowo Iławiecki. Only a short statement was published on social media, in which we read that “the suspended ceiling made of plasterboard in the auditorium was damaged” (original spelling).

Further, there is information that “a committee is working to investigate the causes of the failure”. It was also mentioned that no one was injured in the incident.

Grzegorz Klimczak, District Construction Supervision Inspector in Bartoszyce, said in an interview with tvn24.pl that he received information about the incident in the hall on Monday morning.

– I was told that the soffit, the suspended ceiling, had collapsed. We analyzed whether this event bears the hallmarks of a construction disaster. According to the applicable regulations, the event that took place is not such an event – says Klimczak.

Neither the prosecutor’s office nor the police know about the case so far.

– There may be a notification that there has been improperly performed repair work. However, this has not happened yet and formally we know nothing about the incident – aspirant Marta Kabelis from the District Police Headquarters in Bartoszyce told us.

Renovation worth nearly PLN 6 million

The ceiling collapsed only two days after the beginning of a series of events related to the inauguration of the Cultural Center in Górowo Iławeckie after general renovation.

– The work involved a complete reconstruction of the resort. The layout of the rooms was changed to a more functional one, new toilets were built and two elevators were added. The center now houses the Municipal Library – until now it operated in rooms rented by the city – Jacek Kostka, the mayor of Górowo Iławeckie, described before the event. He was unavailable on Monday. As we heard at the office, he went to Olsztyn on business.

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In connection with the event, the collapsed ceiling in the cultural center went to be seen by the secretary of the city, Andrzej Worobiec. At the secretariat of the city hall, we heard that the secretary would contact us to provide the latest findings regarding the incident. Unfortunately, this contact did not take place until the text was published.

“Gazeta Olsztyńska”, which described the beginning of the series of events (cancelled after Sunday’s incident), reported that the cost of the work amounted to nearly PLN 5.2 million. The funds came from, among others, from the Regional Operational Program Warmia-Mazury and the Government Local Investment Fund.

tvn24.pl. Kurier Górowski, Gazeta Olsztyńska

Main photo source: Cultural Center in Górowo Iławeckie/Bartsat.pl

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