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Gorzow Wielkopolski. Firemen came to the fire projected from the projector. A neighbor reported the threat

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Unusual intervention of firefighters from Gorzów Wielkopolski (Lubuskie Voivodeship). They were going to the big flames seen by a neighbor in one of the apartments in the block. However, there was no smoke rising anywhere. And it’s hardly surprising – the fire was only displayed on the wall of the apartment. A video showing what happened was posted on social media.

Gorzów firefighters on Thursday (February 2) at 19.51 received information about a fire that was supposed to have taken place in one of the apartments in the block. – The applicant was an elderly gentleman living in the block opposite – says brig. Bartłomiej Mądry, press officer of the Gorzów fire brigade.

According to the information provided by the man, he saw flames in the window of the apartment opposite his apartment. The report was taken very seriously. Five fire brigades were sent to the site – in accordance with the procedures – including one with a lift. The police also intervened.

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Firefighter: They ran a bit of locating this fire

However, the services had a problem with reaching the place where the fire was seen. There were no flames or smoke anywhere. “Firefighters struggled a bit with locating the fire,” admits Mądry.

Finally – in full equipment – they reached the door of the apartment indicated by the applicant.

When they got inside, they were surprised. – They could smile that it was not a fire, but a fireplace projected on the whole wall – says Mądry.

He posted a video of the event on TikTok one of the participants of the event. – A firecracker, a firecracker for me. You have won – one of the firefighters present at the scene comments on the whole situation.

– It never occurred to me in my life that it could look like this – commented the surprised tenant, praising the neighbor for his vigilant reaction.

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