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Gorzow Wielkopolski. He came to the flower shop, put the orchids in his bag and left. He had much more to his credit – a recording

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A 22-year-old in Gorzów Wielkopolski (Lubuskie Voivodeship) robbed trade stands. The man took advantage of the Christmas break when shops were closed. He stole, among others cash register, money, groceries and orchids. His action can be seen in the recording released by the police. Responsible for burglary.

According to Commissioner Grzegorz Jaroszewicz, spokesman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Gorzów Wielkopolski, some time ago the police officers received notifications regarding burglaries that took place in the city at Targowa Street.

The camera caught him in a flower shop

– The perpetrator took advantage of the holiday break. On April 10, he broke into the same flower shop twice. He took the cash box. After several hours, he returned and stole orchids for several hundred zlotys, Jaroszewicz informed. The man’s behavior can be seen in the recording released by the police. The camera recorded him unpacking the bag, in which he packed seven orchids. He left with the loot.

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As Jaroszewicz said, the officers also received a report of a burglary at a commercial stand located in the same area. The perpetrator took money and groceries from there.

Police officers connected these incidents with cases reported by the owners of other stands. – At the turn of March and April, there were two burglaries, during which an unknown perpetrator stole a cash register and money – said a spokesman for the Gorzów police.

The 22-year-old robbed trade standsKMP in Gorzów Wielkopolski

They picked and stopped. The 22-year-old will be charged with a series of burglary charges

The police identified the perpetrator and on Wednesday (April 12) they detained a 22-year-old man suspected of a series of thefts in the city. According to the uniform, during the arrest, the young man tried to run away. – Despite his young age, he has already made himself known to the police from other incidents – emphasized Jaroszewicz.

The 22-year-old heard five counts of burglary, for which he faces up to 10 years in prison. But that doesn’t end the matter. Investigators will continue to investigate other similar incidents, the police officer said.

Main photo source: KMP in Gorzów Wielkopolski

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