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Goslinowo. The 9-year-old saved her aunt. She left the house at night and called for help

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At first she thought she was only pretending. However, when she realized that she had really lost consciousness, she ran from the apartment to the house next door, where her grandmother lived, and called an ambulance. – I think she saved my aunt’s life – the mother of 9-year-old Frania from Goślinów near Gniezno does not hide her pride.

On Saturday evening, 9-year-old Frania Wolek from Goślinów (Greater Poland Voivodeship) was at home with her 53-year-old aunt. The woman suddenly fell to the ground while playing with the cat, and after a while there was no contact with her.

– At first I thought that my aunt wanted to test me, how would I react. But when she didn’t wake up, I tried to wake her up.

She ran to call for help

The 9-year-old kept her cool and immediately got to work. – Although it was dark, the street lamps did not work, it was 10 pm, she went to her grandmother because she had left her mobile phone with her – says Maria Wolek, the girl’s mother.

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This one – as the girl’s mother emphasizes – was in such a shock that “she would absolutely not be able to call an ambulance”.

The 9-year-old and grandmother returned to their aunt’s apartment, where Frania called the emergency number and called an ambulance.

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– We had first aid twice at school and learned what numbers to call. First, I gave the house number, because if the phone suddenly discharged, the information where we are is the most important – says Frania.

Then she described what happened. She was told to put her aunt aside. “So that she doesn’t choke, for example, as if she wanted to vomit,” explains the girl.

When the ambulance crew arrived, aunt Frania managed to wake up, the girl gave her a glass of water.

As the 9-year-old says, her aunt told the doctors that she was sleepy and blind in one eye. The woman was taken to the hospital and examined.

Goslinowo. The 9-year-old saved her aunt who had lost consciousness19.02.TVN 24

“I think she saved my aunt’s life”

– Sister-in-law came home in the morning. The loss of consciousness has not yet been diagnosed, the girl’s mother says.

However, doctors reassure that there is no cause for concern. She’s definitely been under a lot of stress lately. Maybe not enough sleep for that, the woman wonders.

And she is proud of her daughter’s attitude: – I think she saved my aunt’s life, because there was no adult here.

Frania herself does not feel like a hero. – I don’t feel like it’s a big deal. I just called the ambulance and they came.

And she adds: – I was scared and cried, but I stopped when I went to my grandmother.

The lifeguard praises the attitude of the 9-year-old

The girl’s attitude is praised by a paramedic. And she draws attention to the fact that she immediately gave the address. This accelerated the reaction, because the dispatcher could immediately send an ambulance to the site, while continuing the interview with the reporting person.

– If we know where as paramedics we have to go, if we have the address, we know that we will definitely reach this place – emphasizes Rafał Lukstead, a paramedic.

- Our trainings bring results - says Rafał Lukstead, a paramedic

– Our trainings bring results – says Rafał Lukstead, a paramedic19.02.TVN 24

He adds that the example of little Frania shows how important training is for the youngest. – Children from kindergarten at every school stage are taught a few things by rescuers: how to provide first aid, how to compress the chest and that the most important thing is to call for help. This seems to be paying off, he concludes.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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