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Gostyn. He was looking for his cat, he found it in a neighbor’s trap

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Police are dealing with the case of a cat trapped in an 84-year-old man’s property. The animal belonged to his neighbor. The cat had to have its paw amputated.

On Monday, police officers from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Gostyń received a report about animal abuse that was supposed to take place on Easter. The applicant has lost a cat of European breed.

– The man could not find the cat on his property, so he went to search in the vicinity of his home. On the territory of the neighboring property, he found a cat trapped in a paw – she reported to the podkom. Monika Curyk from the Gostyń police.

The paw in which the cat got stuckKPP Gostyn

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The trap was invisible from the street

As he informed the policemen, the metal paw was fixed with wire to the ground and covered with sheet metal from the side of the street, so that no one could see that any animal was caught in it. The man freed his cat and took it home.

It all happened late Sunday afternoon, so it wasn’t until the following day that the cat’s owner went to the animal clinic. There, the veterinarian had to amputate the cat’s paw due to injuries.

The cat had to have its paw amputatedKPP Gostyn

He claims that cats have disappeared before

After this visit, the man turned himself in to the police. As he reported, previously belonging to him cats disappeared without a trace.

Criminals went to the place and found the 84-year-old owner on the property. – He did not admit to using the paw to abuse animals – said Curyk

The man has not yet been charged, and the investigation is ongoing. Animal cruelty is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: KPP Gostyn

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