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Gostyn. She got stuck in the car in front of the pedestrian crossing. Drivers avoided her, a policeman helped – recording

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A woman got stuck in a car in front of a pedestrian crossing on one of the main streets of Gostyń (Greater Poland Voivodeship). For several minutes, the drivers avoided her, none of them approached her car and offered to help. It was only a policeman who saw through the window what was happening on the street. Officers posted a video of the incident on social media.

“This is one of the main roads in Gostyń, Sądowa Street. Just before the pedestrian crossing, the car broke down. The woman stood there for about 10 minutes. Only a policeman helped. Before two men rushed to help, “- we read in the description of the recording published in the media social.

She gave way to pedestrians and got stuck in front of the lanes

In the recording, which – in an accelerated version – was published by the Poviat Police Headquarters in Gostyń, you can see a dark-colored car that stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing to let two women pass, one of them is riding a bicycle. When pedestrians leave the lanes, the car does not move.

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As you can see in the video, more cars stop behind the car, the string of cars becomes longer and longer, at some point the drivers start to avoid the car. The situation lasts for a good few minutes.

A policeman who was nearby in the courthouse rushed to help

Only after some time a policeman approaches the car and, after a short conversation with the driver, tries to push the vehicle off the road.

– This is an officer of our command who acts as a public prosecutor (this is an officer who represents the police in court – ed.), he was in court that day. From the window of the building, he saw the car parked on its hazard lights and a traffic jam slowly forming behind it. When he noticed that none of the drivers stopped to help the driver, he left the courthouse and tried to push the car off the road himself, Deputy Commissioner Monika Curyk, press officer of the Poviat Police Commander in Gostyń, tells us.

Two men then joined the police officer and the vehicle was pushed off the road to safety.

“Well done police and men,” one of the Internet users commented on the recording.

Main photo source: KPP Gostyn

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