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Gostyń. They were to record an album in Poland, but first they had to find their instruments

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The Gostyń police recovered instruments worth PLN 40,000 from British musicians from the band Metasoma. The artists sent them by courier to Poland. When they arrived at the recording studio in Gostyń (Greater Poland Voivodeship), they learned that the instruments were missing.

The band flew to Poland to record an album in a recording studio in Gostyń. However, when they arrived, they learned that the instruments they had sent by courier had not arrived.

“Unfortunately, we came across a dishonest courier who did not fulfill the contract and as a result, our equipment ended up 600 km deep in Poland. After repeated attempts to contact the carrier, we were forced to report the matter to the police,” they wrote on their social media.

The disappearance of the instruments was investigated by police officers dealing with economic crime.

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The courier avoided legal problems

Deputy Commissioner Monika Curyk, press secretary of the District Police Commander in Gostyń, explained that the uniformed officers prevented the theft of the instruments. – The officers called the courier, who tried to cover himself with the legend of a road accident. An hour after the conversation, the instruments were brought to the recording studio, she added.

The police said that the courier was known to the officers and had previously defrauded others in the same way. – This time, no crime occurred, the instruments finally returned to their owners, so the courier avoided any problems with the law – said the policewoman.

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“Despite this unpleasant experience, we had the opportunity to see how many good people surround us,” emphasized the members of the Metasoma team.

Main photo source: facebook.com/Metasoma.Metal

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