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Gostynin. Searching for a senior citizen. A police drone spotted her. She was lying in the swamps

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The four-day search for an 83-year-old woman from the Gostynin commune ended with a happy ending. Police officers and a tracking dog were involved in the operation. A drone also helped find the senior citizen. – The woman was lying in such high and thick bushes that people standing a few meters from her were unable to see her – described the police.

The police received information about the disappearance of an 83-year-old woman from the Gostynin commune on June 15 from her concerned grandson. According to the officers' findings, the elderly lady left the house and that was the last time she was seen. The woman's family provided the police with a description and a photo of her.

As announced on Wednesday by the spokesman of the District Police Headquarters in Gostynin, junior asp. Paweł Klimek, in the intensive search for the missing 83-year-old woman, which lasted four days, apart from the local officers, their colleagues from the units in Kutno and Płock, supported by police officers from the Police Headquarters with a tracking dog, also participated.

The drone spotted a senior citizen lying in the wetlands

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The recently established Operational Team of the Police Headquarters of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom was also involved in helping, and has drones used, among others, to find missing people – it was the first action of this group.

“And it was the eye of the police drone that found the missing senior citizen. The woman was lying in such high and thick bushes that people standing a few meters from her were unable to see her. This was only possible using a specialized drone,” emphasized the junior asp. Klimek in a statement about the incident.

A spokesman for the Gostynin police said that the senior citizen was found on June 18 “in a wetland area, lying partially in the water.” “It was about four hundred meters from the house,” he explained. As he added, first – immediately after being found – the woman was taken under the care of the emergency medical team.

As he noted, the 83-year-old woman, “weakened but safe and sound, was handed over to her family.”

Police appeal

The police emphasize that they still receive reports of the disappearance of elderly people and “often these are people who left home without informing family members about the purpose of their trip.” At the same time, the officers appeal to relatives who are obliged to take proper care of children and the elderly: “let's try to do everything to prevent such people from entering, for example, the forest without proper supervision.”

It is also important for seniors to have a mobile phone with a charged battery and a piece of paper with the telephone numbers of their caregivers.

“In each case, a missing person should be reported to the police immediately. Only promptly undertaken actions provide a chance to quickly find the missing person,” the officers emphasize.

Main photo source: Masovian Police

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