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GPS disrupted over the Baltic Sea. Tens of thousands of flights with problems

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About the tens of thousands of planes affected disruption of GPS systems over the Baltic Sea, writes the British “Guardian”, citing analyzes of the daily “The Sun”. This is about 46,000 flights counted since August last year. The report noted that most of the reported navigation problems originated from from Eastern Europemore precisely from countries bordering on Russia.

As indicated, the problems also affected, among others, flights to and from Great Britain. All in all, we're talking about over 2,300 incidents regarding lines Ryanair, almost 1,400 in case of linii Wizz Air82 – British Airways and 4th century easyJet.

The British minister was flying from Poland. GPS stopped working properly

The Guardian pointed out that this type of disruption is a big deal a threat to security. He also recalled that in March the British government confirmed an incident when on an RAF plane with the Minister of Defence, By Grant Shapps the GPS signal was jammed on board. It happened when the politician was returning from… Polish and was close to Russian Königsberg Oblast.

Navigation wasn't working properly for approximately 30 minutes. Reuters reported that “mobile phones were unable to connect to the Internet” and the plane's crew was forced to use “alternative methods to determine their location.”

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– This did not affect the safety of the aircraft and it is not unusual for aircraft to experience GPS jamming near Kaliningrad, land belonging to Russia – the British Prime Minister's spokesman later explained.

Airline Spokespeople: Large increase in GPS interference in recent years

The Ryanair spokesman also commented on problems with the proper functioning of navigation. – There has been an increase in sporadic GPS interference in recent years, which affected all airlines. Ryanair aircraft are equipped with multiple aircraft location identification systems, including GPS. If any of the location systems does not work, the crew (…) switches to one of the alternative systems – he explained.

In turn, an easyJet representative said that there are “many navigation systems and procedures on board commercial aircraft that can reduce GPS problems that may occur for various reasons.

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