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GPT chat. Bill Gates on revolutionary technology. “It will change the way people work, study and travel”

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The development of artificial intelligence is the most important technological advance in decades, according to Microsoft founder Bill Gates. According to the billionaire, solutions based on this technology, such as chatbots, are an invention comparable to a microprocessor, a personal computer, the Internet or a mobile phone. This will change the way people work, study, travel, access healthcare and communicate with each other.

Although the use of AI-based solutions in various products and services is nothing new, ordinary Internet users have never been able to interact with artificial intelligence in such an easy and intuitive way as using popular chatbots. The answers generated by the chat are deceptively similar to those that a human could give.

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Revolutionary solutions

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In a post on his blog Bill Gates revealed that since 2016 he has been supporting the OpenAI team that introduced the famous ChatGPT to the market. The billionaire revealed that last year he challenged OpenAI engineers and instructed them to train artificial intelligence so that it could pass an advanced level biology exam. The problem is that computer scientists couldn’t program the technology so that its only functionality was to answer scientific questions.

After several months of work – as reported by the billionaire – the artificial intelligence was able to achieve excellent results in tests. In the aforementioned biology exam, she was supposed to lack only a point for an excellent grade. This is not the only test that the solution developed by OpenAI Bill Gates has undergone.

Another time, the innovator commissioned artificial intelligence to provide support to a father whose child is seriously ill. “Her answer was very thoughtful. Probably most of the people in the room at the time would not have been able to give it in a better way” – he described. It was at this point that the billionaire realized that he was watching a breakthrough technology in action.

“I realized this was the most important advance since the graphical user interface (GUI) was invented,” he recalled. The introduction of the GUI graphical interface was a revolutionary solution that allowed ordinary users to use computers. They were able to interact with the computer in a simple and intuitive way through pictures and icons, not by typing in code and commands. The development of this technology led to the creation of the Windows and Mac OS operating systems in the 1980s.

An appeal to the rulers

According to Gates, chatbots based on artificial intelligence can contribute to a similar revolution. However, one cannot say that he is a carefree enthusiast of such solutions. In his entry, he called on states to work with business to “reduce risks” related to artificial intelligence. The uncontrolled development of technology, based only on the private sector, can lead to an increase in inequalities in the world.

“Naturally, the market will not produce AI products and services that help the poorest. It is much more likely that it will direct its activities elsewhere” – he predicted. “With the right funding and proper regulation, governments, with the help of philanthropists, can ensure that artificial intelligence is used to reduce inequalities,” he said.

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