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Grabowska Wola. dries up. He plucked 300 kilos of peppers and wanted to leave with them, but the owner appeared

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A 25-year-old inhabitant of Radom went to the neighboring county for peppers. According to the police, within a few hours he plucked as much as 300 kilograms of it and packed it in the car. He didn’t leave because the owner of the pepper showed up.

At night, a resident of Grabowska Wola, located in the commune of Potworów, Przysucha district, called the police. He reported that he had apprehended a man who was stealing peppers from his polytunnels.

– A 25-year-old came to the tunnel area in a rental car with the intention of stealing peppers. Within a few hours, the man plucked as much as 300 kilograms of peppers and packed them into the car he came in, Aneta Wilk from the Mazowiecka Police said in a message.

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A friend was wanted

While packing the “goods” into the car, he was caught by the owner of the tunnels, who immediately called the police. Friends of the arrested man arrived at the scene while the police were on duty. – After checking the data of people, it turned out that one of them, a 26-year-old, is wanted by the police in Radom as a person suspected of robbery – added the policewoman.

Both men were arrested and placed in custody. The pepper lover has already pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing vegetables. He faces up to five years in prison.

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