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Grain crisis in Poland. Monika Piątkowska, president of the Grain and Feed Chamber, comments

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Everything indicates that we will be left with a grain surplus of 5 million tons – said the president of the Grain and Feed Chamber, Monika Piątkowska, on TVN24. She added that “we do not know what will happen after September 15” and if grain imports from Ukraine are unblocked, “we will face a problem again.”

After September 15, the current agreement of five countries with the European Commission to block five Ukrainian products expires.

– We have permission for the transit of grain, we cannot import wheat, corn, rape and sunflower seeds for today and leave them in Poland. This restriction is valid until September 15. (…) It is not known what will happen after September 15. If these imports are unblocked, which would be in line with the market rules of trade, we will face a problem again, said Piątkowska.

She added: – Two months will pass quickly, and if farmers and processors do not know what the situation awaits us after September 15, it will be another test for the government and for the sector.

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Grain stocks in Poland – surplus

– Everything indicates that we will be left with a surplus of 5 million tons. The standard surplus, or stocks actually, that we always had was 2 million tons a year. According to our estimates, it will be about 5 million tons – said Piątkowska.

She added that “there are institutes, including those supervised by the ministry, that indicate up to 9 million tons”.

Is this 3 million tons of additional surplus, more than standard, a lot?

– On a national scale, it may not weigh so much, but in some places, in some regions it may be a problem – explained the president of the Grain and Feed Chamber.

Grain in Poland – estimates

– We estimate stocks in Poland at a maximum of 9 million tons – spoke last week in “Rzeczpospolita” grain market analyst of the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics Dr. Wiesław Łopaciuk.

“Here’s where the gigantic surplus came from: last year’s harvest was 35.7 million tons, plus imports from Ukraine – 5 million tons. We consumed 25 million tons and exported about 12.6 million tons. To the 3 million tonnes remaining in this way, stocks from 2022 in the amount of 6.5 million tonnes should be added. According to various estimates, we have in storage from 6 to 9.6 million tons of grain,” the newspaper explained.

Main photo source: TVN24

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