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Grain from Ukraine. Change of regulations. Project published

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From Friday, the transit of agricultural goods from Ukraine through the territory of Poland will be possible, according to the draft regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology published on Thursday.

On Thursday, the website of the Government Legislation Center published a draft regulation of the Minister of Development and Technology on the ban on imports from Ukraine agricultural products.

The carriage of goods through Poland will be possible on the basis of EU regulations on external transit or on the basis of the Convention on a common transit procedure drawn up in Interlaken, provided that the transit through our country ends in the seaports of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Świnoujście or Szczecin or outside the territory of Polish Republic.

Grain from Ukraine. Change of regulations

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The draft regulation is to enter into force from Friday, April 21, and is to remain in force until June 30.

The new regulations, apart from the exception related to transit, are to maintain the ban on importing cereals, sugar, dried fodder, seeds, hops, flax and hemp, fruit and vegetables and processed fruit and vegetable products to Poland from Ukraine. Wine, beef and veal, milk and dairy products, pork, mutton and goat meat, eggs, poultry meat, ethyl alcohol, bee products and “other products” will also be banned.

The new regulation is to replace the current regulation, which completely prohibits the import of the above products into Poland, including transit.

On Thursday, the regulation of the Minister of Finance was published, pursuant to which from Friday goods transport monitoring system (SENT system) the transport of cereals, eggs and poultry meat, as well as bee products is to be covered.

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