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Grain from Ukraine. Farmers’ protest in Hrubieszów. Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of AgroUnia: we will set up a strike ambulance

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Farmers who protested in Hrubieszów for several days in connection with the government’s actions against Ukraine’s grain, suspended their protest, but – as they assured – remain in strike readiness. – We will appoint a strike ambulance, which will be ready to strike every day – said the leader of AgroUnion, Michał Kołodziejczak. The head of the Agreement, Magdalena Sroka, said that “farmers must return to work, because nothing will happen without them.” “Our land needs farmers to cultivate it,” she said.

Representatives of AgroUnia, including its leader Michał Kołodziejczak, appeared at a press conference in Hrubieszów in the Lublin province, where farmers have been protesting for almost two weeks. Among other things, they wanted the reinstatement of tariffs. They also do not believe in the government’s assurances that by the time of this year’s harvest, it will be possible to remove the grain from Poland, which is now in storage.

The mayor of Hrubieszów: they want to see the cards on the table and check the government’s announcements

– We are calling the strike ambulance and we are waiting to see what you will do by June. You promised that by June there would be no problem at all with grain and other agri-food products that come from Ukraine to Poland and that all our problems will be solved – Kołodziejczak addressed the rulers.

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– We will appoint a strike emergency service that will be ready to strike every day. You want to tire us out so that protest becomes something everyday for us. This is not our everyday life, we are not people who will live and nomad here. We did it for two weeks. Would you like to keep us here?

– From tomorrow we return to hard work on the land, so that the land will bear fruit, so that there will be something to make bread, jam, sugar and so that we can put a slice of ham on this bread – Kołodziejczak continued.

At the same time, he stated that “Law and Justice started a fire in the Polish countryside, to put it out now and pretend that they are fixing it.

Magpie to the rulers: you were deaf, you did nothing

Magdalena Sroka, the chairwoman of the Agreement, also spoke at the press conference. She said that “farmers must go back to work, because nothing will happen without them”. “Our land needs farmers to cultivate and work it,” she said.

Sroka noted that AgroUnia had been “speaking loudly for 10 months that this would happen.” – You were deaf, you did nothing – she turned to those in power.

Main photo source: TVN24

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