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Grain from Ukraine, import ban to Poland. Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk: The situation was piling up. Extraordinary measures had to be taken

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The European Commission did not take action on Ukrainian grain, the situation quickly accumulated and emergency measures had to be taken – said Minister for European Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk on TVN24.

On April 15, the Regulation on the prohibition of imports from Ukraine agricultural products. According to the regulations, until June 30, 2023, there is a ban on imports from our eastern neighbors of, among others, grain, sugar or eggs. Ukrainian grain transiting through Poland is escorted and monitored.

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, the Minister of European Affairs, spoke about the ban on importing Ukrainian grain to Poland in Rozmowo Piaseckiego.

– I was not the author (of this decision – ed.). It was a decision made at the highest level. The prime minister, of course, in consultation with the president of the party, is a natural thing. In consultation, of course, with the Minister of Agriculture, including myself. We debated until late, it was necessary to find a path that would also fit into the framework of European law – he said.

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Szynkowski vel Sęk: I was not the author, it was a decision made at the highest levelTVN24

The minister said that he “would like the European institutions to react more quickly to the coming crises”. – In this case European Commission – even though a letter from five prime ministers was sent at the end of March, on the initiative of Prime Minister Morawiecki, to take the necessary actions – she did not respond to this letter, did not take action. Extraordinary measures had to be taken, he said.


As he said, “the situation was accumulating very quickly and dynamically.” “We called for this action to be taken before the letter. The letter was the result of a lack of reaction on the European side, he added.

Szynkowski aka Sęk in “Piasecki’s Conversation”TVN24

Szynkowski vel Sęk: the point is that Ukrainian grain should not destabilize the market

The minister was asked whether the reaction of the Polish government was not too late in relation to the alarms from farmers and the opposition, which appeared already in July last year.

“If it had been the situation in July that we have today, then all these other countries would have taken action. If it were so that Poland reacted in a belated manner, the same accusation would have to be made against the four other countries bordering Ukraine, he replied.

As he said, “everyone faced the dynamics of the unfolding crisis, it was necessary to react in an extraordinary way.”

The TVN24 guest noted, however, that the reaction also had to be “balanced”. – That is why this first, strong, restrictive measure has been mitigated by the possibility of transit. We do not care that Ukrainian grain does not enter the European Union at all. The point is that it should not destabilize the market, especially the Polish market, he noted.

Szynkowski vel Sęk: Commissioner Wojciechowski is not the entire European Commission

Szynkowski vel Sęk was also asked about the attitude of the EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Janusz Wojciechowski. He said he “didn’t disappoint him”. – In my opinion, thanks to the actions of Commissioner Wojciechowski, subsidies for Poland are the largest among those countries affected by the crisis – he said.

He noted that “Commissioner Wojciechowski is not the entire European Commission”. – He actually shows a lot of effort to solve this problem within the scale of his capabilities – said the minister.

Szynkowski vel Sęk o KPO: further steps are being taken by the Constitutional Tribunal

The TVN24 guest also spoke about the still unpaid EU money to Poland under the National Reconstruction Plan. The way to this payment was to be paved by the amendment to the law on the Supreme Court, which, however, got stuck in the Constitutional Tribunal after it was directed there by the president.

– The date of the hearing is set, most of the positions of the parties are gathered. (…) You can see that further steps are being taken by Constitutional Court. This is, of course, a thing that makes me happy, because there is a chance to settle this matter. And what will happen is the decision of the Constitutional Court, not mine, he said.

To the fact that, despite the set date, the Constitutional Tribunal may postpone the hearing, he replied: – It happens so, the Constitutional Tribunal in its history has postponed hearings. Not only in recent times.

Szynkowski vel Sęk: I try not to pay too much attention to Donald Tusk

Szynkowski vel Sęk also spoke about the decision of the Warsaw district prosecutor’s office, which initiated an investigation into the abuse of powers in 2014 by the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The notification was submitted in November last year by Marek Falenta and it referred to the inspection in the company Składy Węgla.

– I do not follow the activities of the prosecutor’s office in this case at all, it is not within my competence, and there are many issues on the European forum that need to be dealt with. This takes up my time, not the prosecution’s work on the case Donald Tusk. I try not to pay too much attention to Donald Tusk, because it’s a waste of time, he said.

He noted that “the prosecutor’s office should lead the rhythm of its proceedings regardless of politics, regardless of whether it is an election year or not.” “I assume that’s the case here,” he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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