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Grain from Ukraine. Meeting of Robert Telus with farmers

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The new head of the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday evening that he had ordered his services to control grain in warehouses. On Tuesday, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture turned to his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia to jointly apply to the European Union to review the matter of tariffs on Ukrainian grain.

During the press briefing after the meeting of the Crisis Staff at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Telus also announced that tomorrow he will turn to ministers from “5 frontline countries to jointly change the project of extending the duty-free import of grain from Ukraine. We all have to deal with the problem in order to distribute products from Ukraine evenly across the European Union,” he said.

Difficult conversations about Ukrainian grain

On Tuesday, April 11, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Robert Telus, took part in a meeting with agricultural organizations from Poland, CzechRomania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. During the meeting, an altercation broke out between the unions and the minister.

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On Tuesday, the new minister also addressed his Czech counterparts, RomaniaBulgaria and Slovakiato jointly ask the EU to review – from June – the matter of customs. During the briefing, the minister pointed out that “it cannot be that only some countries that are closest to help in this matter bear the costs of this aid, and other countries do not bear the costs of this aid”.

– That is why (…) after this meeting I will ask my counterparts from these countries that we jointly apply to the EU to revise the matter of tariffs very strongly from June, because this is the most important thing for us to do it together in such a way that the allocation of these products was evenly distributed across Europe, Telus said.

Minister Telus – as indicated by the Ministry of Agriculture in a Tuesday entry on Twitter – is to address his counterparts on Wednesday so that the meeting will take place “as soon as possible”. “Even online. I would like us to feel each other’s support” – indicated Telus, quoted on Tuesday’s tweet by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Robert Telus on talks with farmers about the situation on the grain marketTVN24

“The most important thing is that the grain left as soon as possible”

– The most important thing is that the grain that is in Poland should leave as soon as possible – said Telus. – So that on the one hand there is no shortage of grain, but that we prepare for the new season – added the minister. As he noted, a meeting of the crisis staff of ministers will be held on Tuesday, devoted to the situation with grain.

When asked when the documents will be sent to the European Union, the minister emphasized that he wanted this to be a common position of the countries participating in Tuesday’s meeting. – If my counterparts from other countries (…) will not want to, for various reasons, then I myself will certainly appear in the coming days – announced Telus.

Referring to the issue of monitoring the transit of grain from Ukraine through Poland, he emphasized that for the time being it is based on an oral agreement with Ukraine. – I hope that on Friday an agreement with the Ukrainian side will be signed. We will monitor together, but it will be Ukraine that will control and grant licenses for the export of grain to those companies that will export only in transit, added the Minister of Agriculture.

On Saturday, the Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves announced that it had started purchasing consumption wheat exclusively from Polish producers. Bids can be submitted until April 14.

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