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Grain from Ukraine. The European Commission comments on the bans announced by Poland and Hungary

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The European Commission commented on the ban on imports of agricultural products from Ukraine announced by Poland and Hungary. “We are requesting further information from the relevant authorities to assess these measures,” Commission spokeswoman Miriam Garcia Ferrer said. She stressed that “trade policy is the exclusive competence of the EU, and therefore unilateral action is unacceptable.”

On Saturday, the government adopted an ordinance banning imports of Ukraine agricultural products. The long list of products includes cereals, milk, eggs and meat. They also took a similar step Hungary.

These decisions were referred to in a statement by the spokeswoman of the European Commission, Miriam Garcia Ferrer.

The European Commission comments

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“We are aware of the statements of Poland and Hungary regarding the ban on the import of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine. We are asking the relevant authorities for further information that will allow us to assess these actions” – she said.

“In this context, it should be emphasized that trade policy falls within the exclusive competence of the EU, and therefore unilateral action is unacceptable. In these difficult times, it is crucial to coordinate and agree all decisions within the EU” – emphasized the spokeswoman of the European Commission.


The regulation is to protect the Polish market

After the end of Saturday’s convention PIS Robert Telus, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, was asked whether the ban on importing some goods from Ukraine was compliant with EU law. – European Union has its own regulations, but for us the interests of our farmers and the health of Poles are more important than some small provisions of the European Union – Telus said in an interview with journalists.

The Minister of Agriculture said that this is to be a signal “first of all for the European Union to discuss this subject seriously, because so far we have the impression that this subject has not been discussed seriously”.

The communication of the Ministry of Development and Technology stated that “during the inspection of products imported from the territory of Ukraine, harmful substances (pesticides) were detected, including in wheat. Due to this, in order to protect human life and health, a decision was made to issue a regulation” – we read.

– By introducing this regulation for a limited period of time, we want to protect the market, both for farmers and consumers, that is for all of us – said Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda.

According to the Act on the administration of foreign trade in goods, the minister responsible for economy may, in certain situations, introduce a ban on importing certain goods into the territory of the Republic of Poland.

The Ministry informed that the regulation was issued after consulting numerous opinions. Among others, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, in consultation with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

She consented to the issuance of the regulation the Council of Ministers at the meeting on April 15. The regulation came into force on the day of its announcement, which took place on Saturday.

Ukrainian grain in Poland

The Minister of Agriculture and Development, Robert Telus, announced on Sunday that “only those transports of agricultural products from Ukraine that were cleared before the entry into force of the @MRiTGOVPL regulation entered Poland”. “The remaining imports (including transit) have been suspended” – said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, quoted in the ministry’s entry on Twitter.

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