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Grandma's cake for whom and how much it will cost. Program conditions

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The government published the so-called grandma's assumptions. In practice, there are three new benefits for parents. At the same time, the Act on family care capital, which PiS introduced in 2022, is to be repealed. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Donald Tusk revealed when the first money from the grandma fund will reach recipients.

The government is preparing to introduce three benefits into the legal system to support parents in their professional activity and in raising and developing a small child: “active parents at work“, “actively in the nursery” and “actively at home“.

Grandma's. For whom and how much will it cost

Benefit “active parents at work” is addressed to professionally active (returning to work) parents of a child aged 12 to 35 months. The act will define professional activity, the level of which will entitle you to receive a subsidy.

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It will amount to PLN 1,500 per month for a period of 24 months from 12 to 35 months of the child's age. It will be up to the parents what they will spend these funds on – they will be able to, for example, finance the care provided by a nanny or grandmother (including a pensioner) on the basis of an activation contract.

If parents use an activation contract, contributions from this contract will be additionally financed from the budget. This will allow for annual adjustment of the height pensions person employed under this contract.

“Actively in the nursery.” New surcharge

Instead of the current subsidy of up to PLN 400, a benefit will be introduced to the fee for a child's stay in a nursery, children's club or day care provider. “actively in the nursery”.

This benefit will also amount to PLN 1,500. However, no more than the amount of the fee that the parent pays for the child's stay in the care institution.

Grandma's. Support for other parents

Benefit “actively at home” will provide support for parents of children aged 12 to 35 months who are not entitled or do not voluntarily decide to use the two benefits described above.

This will be particularly the case if the parents remain professionally inactive (they will not work) and will not be able to obtain the right to the “active parents at work” benefit or their child will not attend a care institution and they will not be able to receive the “active parents at work” benefit.

The allowance for parents “actively at home” will be granted on the same principles as the current family care capital, with the difference that the benefit “actively at home” will be available for each child, including the first and only child aged 12 to 35 months of age and the “actively at home” benefit will only be available in the amount of PLN 500 per month for 24 months – it will not be possible to receive the benefit of PLN 1,000 for 12 months, as is the case with family care capital.

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Grandmothers and family care capital

The introduction of the “actively at home” benefit results in the need to repeal the previously applicable Act of November 17, 2021 on family care capital.

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The parent will have the opportunity, depending on the needs and individual situation, to change, even multiple times, one benefit to another. However, for the same child, in a given month, only one benefit supporting parents in professional activity and in raising and developing a small child may be received.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced this week, the government will adopt the project at its next meeting. He added that 99 percent the first benefits will reach recipients before the end of the year, just after the holidays.

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