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Grandma's. Up to PLN 1,500 every month. When will it be possible to submit applications?

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We want parents to be able to submit applications for the Active Parent program from October 1 and choose one of three new benefits, for example the so-called grandmother's benefits, said Aleksandra Gajewska, Deputy Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, in Zakopane on Monday.

On Monday, President Andrzej Duda signed the act on supporting parents in professional activity and in raising children. The Act provides for the introduction of three benefits into the system to support parents in their professional activity and in the upbringing and development of a small child: active parents at work, active parents in the nursery and active parents at home. – Every child up to three years of age will receive support. Each parent will be able to choose which benefit they will benefit from. We support families in a comprehensive way, giving them full choice and leaving the decision in their hands, said Gajewska. She declared that from October 1, parents will be able to log in and submit applications via ZUS in a “very easy and intuitive way” and choose the benefit that best suits their needs.

Development of institutional care

The deputy minister said that she cared about developing institutional care and early childhood education. – We have PLN 6.5 billion to create new places in nurseries. These funds are waiting to be used. We are talking about it with local government representatives, Gajewska said.

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She added that she wanted this tranche to raise PLN 102,000. new nurseries throughout Poland.

Active parent program – three benefits

Active parents at work benefit (so-called grandmother's) will amount to PLN 1,500 per month for 24 months – from the 12th to the 35th month of the child's life. Parents returning to work will be able to decide what they will spend the funds on. They will be able to, among others: finance care provided by, for example, a nanny or grandmother (including a pensioner). If parents decide to conclude an activation agreement with a nanny or grandmother, the contributions from this agreement will be additionally financed by the state – up to a base amount of no more than 50%. the amount of the minimum wage.

Parents and guardians of children with disabilities will receive greater support. In the case of children who need permanent or long-term care or assistance from another person due to a significantly limited ability to live independently and the need for the child's guardian to participate on a daily basis in treatment, rehabilitation and education – the benefit will amount to PLN 1,900 per month. Support will also be available for a child placed in family foster care.

The second service is active in the nursery is intended to replace the current subsidy of up to PLN 400 for the stay of a child in care institutions for children up to three years of age. It will be addressed to parents of children who use a nursery, children's club or day care provider. The support will amount to up to PLN 1,500 per month for a child or up to PLN 1,900 per month for a child with a disability, but not more than the fee that parents pay for the child's stay in a care institution.

Third benefit – actively at home – it will be intended mainly for parents of children aged 12 to 35 months, without meeting the condition of professional activity. This concerns parents who will not be able to obtain the right to the “active parents at work” benefit or their child will not attend a care institution. It will be granted on the same principles as the currently functioning family care capital. A new feature will be the possibility of obtaining funds for each child – including the first and only child – aged 12 to 35 months. The benefit will amount to PLN 500 per month for 24 months.

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