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Grants from the National Freedom Institute. Journalists checked to whom the money went

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The National Institute of Freedom has already spent about a billion zlotys. OKO.press journalists checked to whom so much money flowed. They found that 248 organizations, including those associated with PiS politicians, received subsidies under the governmental Program for the Development of Civic Organizations PROO.

The Secretary General of Law and Justice, Krzysztof Sobolewski, had nothing to say about the National Institute of Freedom, from which gigantic money again flowed to non-governmental organizations associated with the politicians of power, and which is supervised by the Minister of Culture and Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński.

However, comments can be heard from the opposition side. – They spend without brakes, because they know that they will lose power – believes Dariusz Joński, an MP from the Civic Coalition – Law and Justice creates various institutions that are supposed to give a chance for money for a rainy day, i.e. that they will save it after losing the election. Or now directly: they give money to those who want to make extra money – adds Krzysztof Gawkowski, MP of the Left.

The recipients of the subsidies were revealed by the journalists of the OKO.press portal. The list is long, because there are as many as 248 organizations. Public money – a total of PLN 68 million – went, among others, to the Przemyśl Cultural Society, which was founded by PiS MP and head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Marek Kuchciński, to the Polska Wielki Projekt foundation, with which Piotr Gliński is associated, and to the foundation of Miłosz Manasterski, one of the most active commentators on government television .

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– The non-governmental sector in the Third Polish Republic was not really strengthened by the Polish state as much as in the times of Prime Minister Gliński – believes Janusz Kowalski, deputy minister of agriculture and rural development, member of Sovereign Poland.

The Poznań Institute also benefited from the grants of the National Freedom Institute, whose head – according to OKO.press – helped Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, then a Poznań councilor, and today the Minister for European Union Affairs, in the election campaign. In total, since 2020, the Poznań Institute has received one and a half million zlotys from the National Freedom Institute.

– I know the Poznań Institute very well. I am a big fan of his activities and I am glad that they contribute to the organization of interesting events in Poznań – says Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk.

Subsidies for PiS-related organizations awarded by the National Freedom InstituteTVN facts

Bigger NIW budget

The National Freedom Institute was established in 2017. It was supposed to support the development of civil society. Last year, its budget – through an amendment to the act – was increased to almost PLN 890 million for the next four years. The functioning of the Institute alone consumes PLN 15 million.

– This is potential money that can be distributed for the election campaign, which means that these elections will not be equal – comments Michał Szczerba, MP from the Civic Coalition.

Piotr Gliński, who created the Institute and has a real influence on it, does not want to talk about financing organizations associated with PiS. The opposition, on the other hand, wants to talk about what it will do after the elections, when it wins. – There will be a special commission, I already have a name, it is a proudly sounding name: “Commission of Law and Justice”. Only written in small letters to restore great meaning to these words – says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, leader of the Polish People’s Party.

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The money, as the opposition politicians themselves emphasize, cannot be restored.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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