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Great Britain. A gecko flew from Egypt to Manchester in a box of strawberries

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A gecko survived its journey from Egypt to Manchester in the UK in a box of strawberries. The animal got lost among fruits intended for export. The baby is in good condition, but experts emphasize that he was very lucky – the cold English winter is not conducive to reptiles from warm countries.

The unusual discovery was made last week by a resident of Manchester who bought a box of strawberries from Egypt in a local store. A woman put the fruit in the fridge, but when she wanted to eat it, she noticed a “little head” sticking out from between the strawberries.

From Egypt to Manchester. Gecko in a box of strawberries

The woman did not lose her cool. She carefully transferred the miniature reptile, which measured about 2.5 centimeters in length, into a plastic tub, then contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), an animal rescue organization in England and Wales.

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“When I saw this tiny reptile, I couldn’t believe it,” she says.

As it turned out, a spotted gecko settled in strawberries (Tarentola annularis). The animal apparently got lost among the fruit in Egypt and traveled all the way to the UK – more than 4,000 kilometers – inside its packaging. The lizard was picked up by one of the organization’s inspectors and taken to a veterinary center that deals with the treatment of exotic species. Apart from the lack of a tail, which should grow back over time, the gecko emerged unscathed from its adventure.

“When I was told to pick up a stowaway, I thought it was a bigger animal. When I opened the box, I had to look to see the lizard,” adds volunteer Rachel Henderson, who took care of the gecko. – I have no idea how such a little one survived such a long journey in a sealed container.

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The gecko has traveled over 4,000 kilometers in a box RSPCA/Nikata Moran

Guests with specific needs

According to the spokesman for the organization Reptilia Exotic Animal Rescue, to which the gecko came, it is relatively common for small reptiles to leave their homeland as stowaways.

– At the moment, we have several individuals from different continents – he explains – This little one has settled in the new environment very well and as soon as the quarantine period is over, he will be able to go to a new home.

Animal stowaways from overseas, such as geckos, may have specific needs, including adequate air temperature, lighting and humidity. The RSPCA notes that the cold British winter is deadly for cold-blooded geckos, and releasing them into the wild is fatal in most cases. Animals should go to breeders, zoos or foundations that have the necessary knowledge and facilities to take care of them properly.

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The gecko has traveled over 4,000 kilometers in a box RSPCA/Nikata Moran

The gecko has traveled over 4,000 kilometers in a box RSPCA/Nikata Moran

Main photo source: RSPCA/Nikata Moran

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