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Great Britain. A random person saved an 11-year-old girl from being kidnapped. The police are looking for two men

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London police are releasing photos of the two men, asking anyone who knows their names or “has any information” about them to contact them. Investigators are investigating the attempted abduction of an 11-year-old girl who was saved on the street by a stranger who noticed that she “looked nervous.”

The incident occurred at the beginning of the summer holidays – on Saturday, June 24, at 11:45, but London’s Metropolitan Police (Met) has now provided details of the incident. An unidentified man approached an 11-year-old girl on High Street in West Wickham, “trying to convince her to go with him,” police said in a statement published on Wednesday. A bystander, “seeing that the child looked upset”, intervened and took her to a nearby store, thus thwarting a potential kidnapping.

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Attempted kidnapping in London. The police publish photos of the men

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British tabloids showed recordings from security cameras outside the store and the course of the intervention. And the woman who reacted and thus prevented the kidnapping was hailed as a hero and a “Good Samaritan”, devoting the headlines of Thursday’s editions to her. According to the Daily Mail, the woman realized that something was wrong when she heard the man asking the teenager if she was alone.

Investigators investigating the attempted abduction of the girl have meanwhile published photos of two men “whom they want to identify and talk to”, asking anyone who knows their names or “has any information” about them to contact them. As noted by ITV News, the incident occurred “just days” after another abduction attempt in the area, when the driver of a silver van tried to encourage the child to enter his vehicle. The child’s parent then intervened.

Investigators published photos of two men in connection with the attempted abduction of an 11-year-old girlMetropolitan Police

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Child abduction – how to prevent it

Last year, police in Great Britain recorded over 800 cases of child abductions by people who were not their parents, says Action Against Abduction on its website, which works to prevent abductions and helps law enforcement agencies find missing children. The non-governmental organization points out the need to educate children how to recognize threats and points out that materials developed by specialists can help parents talk to their children about specific threats and strategies for dealing with them.

Also and Polish social organizations pay attentionthat when we see a situation in public space in which verbal or physical violence is used against a child, we should react. If we see or know about a serious threat to a child’s life or health, we should immediately call the police by calling the number 112 or 997.

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Metropolitan Police, ITV News, Action Against Abduction

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