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Great Britain. A sign warning against… geese. He was diagnosed following a serious accident

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A sign warning against geese crossing the road has been erected in north-west England. It was created for the benefit of birds – there was recently a serious accident involving them. As emphasized by the inhabitants of the town where the unusual marking was erected, observing geese brings them a lot of joy.

Geese from the town of Ramsbottom in the UK near Manchester became local celebrities when a photo of a flock of birds politely waiting at a crossroads to cross the road appeared on social media. Unfortunately, the animals were not always lucky when crossing the road – recently a car drove into the middle of the herd, killing several geese.

Out of respect for animals

After the accident, activist Shelagh Kavanagh asked the administration of the Bury district, in which Ramsbottom falls, to put up signs in the town informing drivers about curious birds. Officials refused, adding that there was no funding for the signs.

A private company responded to the appeal and made the appropriate markings. A yellow rhombus with the silhouette of a goose and five geese walking behind it warns that birds are entering the road at this point, the BBC reported. Kavanagh emphasized that watching geese brings a lot of joy to residents, which is why many people were concerned about the safety of the ubiquitous animals.

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The gesture is “typical of Ramsbottom”, a town with a good community able to work together when needed, Kavanagh said. She added that the geese have “the same right to be here as we do,” and drivers will “respect them and not hurt them.”

Main photo source: BBC News@X

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