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Great Britain. A teenager who fatally stabbed a 14-year-old from Poland is guilty of manslaughter

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A British teenager has been found guilty of the murder of a 14-year-old boy from Poland. The perpetrator argued that he only drew the knife when he was hit, kicked and pinned to the ground, but as the prosecution showed, this was a lie.

A 15-year-old who fatally stabbed a 14-year-old Polish boy was found guilty of manslaughter by a Newcastle court on Monday.

The tragedy happened on the evening of October 3 in a park in the suburbs of Gateshead. A teenager from Poland suffered an 8-centimeter deep wound in the chest, as a result of which he died in hospital that same night.

The attacker – also 14 at the time of the incident – claimed during the trial that he had accidentally stabbed him while defending himself from an attack by a group that also included a boy from Poland. That evening, he was walking his girlfriend through the park when she told him about a group of teenagers following them.

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The offender, who admitted to taking a steak knife “for safety”, said he only pulled it out after he had been punched, kicked and pinned to the ground, but the prosecution has shown that this was a lie.

British police intervention. Illustrative photoReuters Archive

The prosecutor admitted that the group, which included the Polish teenager, was not without blame, because they discussed hitting the attacker, but he only suffered a minor injury to his thumb and he was the aggressor.

After delivering the killing blow, he is said to brag, saying, “I got your boyfriend.”

Awaiting punishment

On Monday, the Crown Court in Newcastle found a 15-year-old man guilty of manslaughter and, due to an important public interest, allowed the publication of the identity and image of the perpetrator, which is a rare situation in the UK for juvenile offenders.

The sentence will be decided at the next hearing scheduled for June. The perpetrator and the victim did not know each other before and lived in different neighborhoods. The dead boy’s family moved to the UK in 2012.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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