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Great Britain. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was speeding. He was fined

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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has been fined £510 for speeding, British media reports. The most important clergyman of the Church of England was captured by a speed camera last year.

A few days ago he was one of the most important figures at the coronation of King Charles III, meanwhile on Wednesday he was punished by the court for a traffic offense. Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will have to pay £510, or more than £2,600, according to the Evening Standard. zloty. This consists of a £300 fine, £90 in administrative costs and a £120 surcharge for victims’ fund road accidents. Honorary Head of the Church England he also received three penalty points.

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Archbishop punished with a mandate

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According to the Evening Standard, the case concerns a traffic offense on October 2 last year, when at 11:05 am the archbishop was photographed by a speed camera in central London as he drove a Volkswagen Golf towards his residence – Lambeth Palace. According to this account, he was going 25 mph in a 20 mph area. So he exceeded the allowed speed by about 8 km per hour. Citing documents, the British newspaper reports that the clergyman confirmed that he was driving the car.

Lambeth Palace did not dispute the wrongdoing but was unaware that the case had gone to court. According to the newspaper, the archbishop’s press office admitted that due to “administrative errors” the matter was not settled earlier and the fine was not paid immediately.

Archbishop Welby played a key role in Charles III’s coronation on Saturday. He is, among others placed a royal crown on the king’s head. He is the primate of the Anglican Church and presides over the most important ceremonies – he conducts, among others, weddings in royal family.

Archbishop Justin WelbyVictoria Jones/PAP/PA

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Main photo source: Gareth Fuller/PAP/PA

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