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Great Britain. Boris Johnson to write a biography ‘like no other’ Contract with HarperCollins

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Boris Johnson has signed a contract with HarperCollins to write an autobiography detailing his days as Britain’s prime minister, the British Independent reported on Monday. It is speculated that the publication is to help the politician return to the position of prime minister during the next elections.

Johnson’s biography is intended to be “like no other,” assured HarperCollins publishing director Arabella Pike. “I look forward to working with Boris Johnson as he writes his account of his tenure during one of the most momentous events ever Great Britain experienced recently, she added.

Boris Johnson biography

Although the publisher has not yet released details about the book, there has been a lot of speculation in the media since the announcement of the signing. The alleged remuneration of the former prime minister is particularly commented on. According to various estimates, Johnson will be paid between £1m and £6m for writing his biography.

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Many previous British prime ministers have written their biographies. According to the Independent, David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher were to receive £1.5 million and £3.5 million respectively for publishing their biography in the same publishing house. In turn, the fee of Tony Blair, who signed a contract with Random House publishing house, was supposed to amount to 4.6 million pounds. “People are paying huge sums of money for this type of book,” said Andrew Gimson, author of Boris: The Rise of Boris Johnson, published in 2006.

Former British Prime Minister Boris JohnsonTwitter/BorisJohnson

It is assumed that Boris Johnson himself will be responsible for writing the latest biography of the former prime minister. Before he devoted himself to politics, he was a journalist writing for the “Daily Telegraph” and the weekly “The Spectator”. He has also published several other books, including a book on analogies between the European Union and the Roman Empire entitled “The Dream of Rome”, the novel “Seventy-Two Virgins” and “The Churchill Factor”, a biography of Winston Churchill.

It is also speculated that the story of his tenure, told from Johnson’s point of view, is intended to help the politician return to office during the next election. According to Andrew Gimson, the position is to play “an important role in saving his reputation”. “He must tell these people (voters – ed.) that he is worth another chance” – adds the journalist and author of biographical books.

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The new Prime Minister of Great Britain

Boris Johnson took office as Prime Minister in July 2019. He replaced Theresa May in this position, promising to bring Brexit to an end, which he finally managed to do. His term of office also coincided with the pandemic COVID-19. The fall of politics began information leaking to the media about events organized during the pandemic restrictions at 10 Downing Street. These reports bore fruit a series of resignations by members of the Johnson government in July 2022.

As a result, the prime minister in September 2022 alone announced his resignation. Liz Truss became the new leader of the Conservative Party after 45 days in office she resigned. Already then, in October 2022, the first ones appeared reports of Johnson’s allegedly planned return. Ultimately a Tory leader and thus Rishi Sunak became the new prime minister.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak ANDY RAIN/PAP/EPA

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Main photo source: Twitter/BorisJohnson

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