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Great Britain. Cases of administering an unknown narcotic substance to women. The minister demands information from the police

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In late September, in Nottingham, central England, there were reports of injecting young women in nightclubs with an unknown intoxicating substance, causing them to lose consciousness. British Interior Minister Priti Patel asked the police to provide urgent information on this.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel asked police across the country urgently to provide information on cases where young women in nightclubs were injected with an unknown intoxicating substance, which left them unconscious.


Cases of administering an unknown narcotic substance to women

The first single incidents of this type took place in late September in Nottingham, central England, but on Tuesday and Wednesday there was news in the media that more young women reported that in the past days they had been suddenly stabbed with a needle during night out to clubs, and then on they lost consciousness for several or several hours.

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Reports come from a variety of cities – apart from Nottingham, where the most are, also from Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow, indicating that the problem is not in one region but in the entire country. Late last week in Nottingham, a 20-year-old man was arrested in connection with the case.


The announced night club boycotts

It is not known how many women may have fallen victim to such attacks, but Sky News has spoken to over twenty of them, so the actual number could be significantly greater. It is also not known whether any of the victims were sexually abused after losing their consciousness, although Sarah Crew, who heads the Rape and Sexual Crimes Department at the National Council of Police Chiefs (NPCC), indicates that it should be assumed that the perpetrators are guided by sexual motives.

It is also unclear what substance is injected. The way it works resembles the so-called a rape pill, a substance that, when thrown into the victim’s drink, causes drowsiness and loss of consciousness, but experts point out that the most famous of this type of substance, GHB, requires a fairly large amount of liquid to dissolve, while a small needle that can be used in way to bring someone into the club unnoticed and prick someone, requires a small amount of the substance.

In response to reports of such attacks on social media, boycotts of nightclubs have been announced between October 25 and November 3 to force them to take action, and 122,000 people have already signed an online petition demanding a search requirement for entering people.

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