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Great Britain. Charles Bronson will stay in prison. “The most brutal prisoner in history”

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Charles Bronson has been denied early release from a British prison. As explained, there is no certainty that the now 70-year-old man, who has been called “one of the most violent prisoners” in the history of British justice, will not continue to use violence in his freedom.

The British Early Dismissal Commission announced its decision on Thursday. She said Charles Bronson, who now goes by the name Salvador, will not be released early. “After considering the circumstances of his offence, the progress Mr. Salvador has made while in custody and the evidence presented during the interrogation, the committee was not convinced that he was fit for (early) release,” the committee said in a statement.

The statement added that while Salvador has spent most of the last 48 years in custody and has shown some “evidence of improved self-control and better emotional management”, there can be no assurance that he will not continue to be violent after his release. The commission also said it could not conclude that he had the appropriate skills to manage the risk of violence until he had undergone extensive testing outside of his current highly restrictive environment.

At the same time, the commission rejected Bronson’s request to transfer him to an open prison, i.e. with a reduced control system. The 70-year-old is currently being held at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes Englandand he had been applying for early release since the beginning of March. Presenting arguments for release from prison, he emphasized to the commission that he had changed, found solace in art and was a “peaceful man”. It was his eighth unsuccessful attempt to apply for early release from prison.

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Charles Branson – who is he?

The 70-year-old was born Michael Gordon Peterson. Since then, he has changed his name three times to Charles Bronson, Charles Ali Ahmed and Charles Salvador. However, he is best known under the first of his assumed names.

The man has been serving consecutive sentences – with small breaks – for almost half a century. He was first imprisoned in 1974 for armed robbery. Subsequent convictions involved numerous thefts, possession of firearms and violent crimes, including the taking of a total of 11 people hostage in 9 different incidents.

According to The Guardian, Charles Bronson suffers from a personality disorder. In the UK, he has the status of a “celebrity prisoner” due to high-profile and brutal acts of violence, as well as his artistic activities and his controversial image. In confinement, he wrote over a dozen books, he also writes poems and paints. In 2008, a movie based on his story was made.

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