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Great Britain. Charles III at the ceremony. William and Kate absent

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Traditionally, as every year at Easter, the royal family goes to the temple, where they take part in a solemn service. This year for the British, the appearance of King Charles III at the door of the chapel of St. George had another dimension, after all, it was recently revealed that the monarch was struggling with cancer.

The British media write about the king's condition, noting, however, that “the 75-year-old ruler was in an excellent mood today.” “The happy monarch was smiling today and greeted people kindly when they waved at him,” reports the Daily Mail website.

After the ceremony, the king was greeted with shouts of “merry Christmas”. Karol even interacted with one of his subjects, replying “for you too”. The presence of the king is noticed in the British press even more because on Holy Thursday Charles III did not take part in the service in the cathedral in Worcester. As we read, it was due to health issues.

“Kate and William were missing from the service,” Sky News describes, recalling the duchess's emotional statement on March 22, in which she revealed that, like her father-in-law, she suffers from cancer.

More information soon.

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