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Great Britain. Charles III gave alms to Maundy Money for the first time as king

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Charles III, for the first time as a British king, presented Maundy Money, a symbolic alms for the elderly on the occasion of Maundy Thursday. These are two pouches containing specially minted coins. The tradition of giving alms throughout her reign was cultivated by Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles III on Maundy Thursday, for the first time as a monarch, he gave symbolic alms to the elderly in York Cathedral. This Maundy Thursday tradition dates back to the Middle Ages and its purpose is to thank people over 70 for their activities for the benefit of local communities and parishes.

The alms given by the British monarch on Maundy Thursday is called Maundy Money. These are two pouches containing specially minted coins. The coins in the white pouch come in denominations of 1, 2, 3 and 4 pence, and their total value is equal to the age of the reigning monarch. So this year it’s 74p. The red pouch contains two 50p and £5 commemorative coins. Pouches were given to 74 men and 74 women.

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Almsgiving on Maundy Thursday

Charles III gave alms that year for the first time as king. He also presented it in 2022, but then only replacing his mother. Queen Elizabeth II she had mobility problems at the time and had to give up this habit. It was only the fourth time in her 70-year reign that someone had replaced her. Elizabeth II claimed that she considered giving alms on Holy Thursday as one of the duties that gave her the greatest satisfaction.

Elizabeth II also initiated the custom of holding the alms giving ceremony in a different location each year. During her reign, this was done in all Anglican cathedrals in England.

The tradition of giving small gifts on Maundy Thursday by English and then British monarchs dates back to the 13th century. At first, only the poor got them. The first monarch known to have done so was King John of England in 1210.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ADAM VAUGHAN

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