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Great Britain. “Daily Telegraph”: already every seventh foreign prisoner is an Albanian citizen

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The Daily Telegraph, citing statistics from the British Ministry of Justice, drew attention to the fact that the number of Albanians in British prisons is high in relation to the number of Albanians living in the UK.

Albanians are by far the largest group of foreigners in British prisons, with one in seven non-British prisoners already Albanians, the Daily Telegraph writes on Tuesday, citing Justice Department statistics.

According to data on March 31 this year, in prisons in England and Wales, there were 84,372 people, of whom 10,148 were prisoners of non-British nationality. Of these, the largest national groups were citizens Albania – 1393 people, Polish – 830, Romania – 823, Ireland – 622 and Jamaica – 391.

Albanians are by far the largest group of foreign nationals in British prisonsShutterstock

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As the Daily Telegraph points out, this means a serious overrepresentation of Albanians in relation to the number living in the UK, because they make up less than 0.05 per cent of the population. the country’s population.

The newspaper reports that in the first four months of this year alone, 82 Albanian citizens were sentenced to prison terms – a total of 130 years – 49 of them for growing marijuana, and nine more – for possession or distribution of drugs.

A “significant number” of Albanian illegal migrants

The National Crime Agency (NCA) points out that a “significant number” of Albanian migrants who have entered the UK illegally across the English Channel work in the informal economy or for organized drug gangs and send hundreds of millions of pounds a year to Albania.

The NCA adds that the Albanians have largely displaced the Vietnamese from cannabis cultivation, and that the transfer of many of them across the English Channel was paid for by drug gangs, which in this way tie illegal immigrants to themselves, making them work off this debt.

In 2022, Albanians accounted for almost 27 percent. of the 45,755 illegal immigrants who crossed the English Channel and were the largest national group among them. But in the first three months of this year, only 28 people with Albanian citizenship were recorded.

The intergovernmental agreement concluded in December last year on the deportation of Albanians contributed to this decline. On Monday, the British government launched an information campaign to discourage illegal arrivals.

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