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Great Britain. Dozens injured due to “optical illusion” on bike path

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A cycle path opened last year is causing controversy in Keynsham, England. Reason? An “optical illusion” that has already injured dozens of people, according to local media. The path provokes discussions among both residents and politicians.

About a series of accidents on a cycle path in the town of Keynsham in England Bristol Live reported on Thursday. According to the portal, 59 people were allegedly injured as a result of an “optical illusion” on a bicycle path laid out in March last year. 21 people made claims for compensation. Cyclists and pedestrians were said to consider curbs and white-painted lines that looked alike as an “optical illusion”, causing them to confuse one with the other.

Data on the number of incidents was obtained from local politician Alan Hale, who warned in an interview with Somerset Live that there could be fatal accidents on the path. Another local politician, quoted by The Telegraph, Brian Simmons, said that people on the ill-fated path “fall every day”. “The curb and sidewalk are at the same level as the bike path in places, and not in other sections,” he said, adding that the accident statistics reported were underestimated because “many people did not report the incident.” As an example, he cited a woman pushing a wheelchair who broke her forearm last week.

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Residents talk about the injuries they suffered

The local authorities decided to repaint the route red in August last year after 46 people reported being injured by falling along the path in just six months. According to Simmons, however, this has not brought changes for the better.

“The Telegraph” quoted the entries of the city’s inhabitants, who share their dissatisfaction with the bicycle path on the Internet. One resident wrote that he cut his knee, sprained his ankle and tore his pants when he fell along the path. “The (city) council wasn’t very helpful and didn’t even ask if I was okay. They suggested I use the crossing next time,” he wrote.

Mark Roper, of the local economic development council, was quoted by The Telegraph as defending the path. He noted that the route was created in accordance with the applicable guidelines. At the same time, he announced an audit to “suggest further improvements and remedies and prevent further problems”.

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Bristol Live, The Telegraph

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